There are a number of reasons people communicate within a work setting, to build relationships, gain and share Information, reassurance with colleagues parents and children, to express needs and feelings and share our Ideas and thoughts.

Main When in a new setting, be it a parent, child or new member of staff it is important to make them feel welcome, even with a small gesture such as a hello or a smile when you first meet, to start to build a healthy relationship with each other. To keep these relationships going it’s Important to maintain these gestures By acknowledging people when walking In and out of rooms, It’s okay to move to a more personnel level and ask how their weekend went or what plans they have for the evening, even about a child’s upcoming birthday party.

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Once you have formed a bond or relationship with colleagues, parents or children it becomes easier to gain and share information that can help us in the way we work together Some communication between people is to gain and provide reassurance and acknowledgement, with nouns people and children we can do this physically by a high five and saying well done, or by watching them, taking an Interest and asking how they did what they Just did, even a smile across the room to show that you have seen or watched or heard what has been going on, its also good practice to have this sort of relationship with colleagues, maybe ask them how they have done something so they know you think it’s a great idea and that you would like to use it yourself, letting them know without saying it that you value them as a colleague and reassures them that you do listen and watch to take interest In them. It is Important to let colleagues, young people and children know you notice them and have taken an Interest verbally as well as Just acknowledgment, this will allow and open up communication’s, to be able to speak about any worries or even great ideas that each may have, or feeling comfortable and being able to speak to you. Also for you to be able to speak to them if you have any information or concerns you would like to share with them. Of 2 As human beings we find comfort in building relationships with others in varied ways, its reassuring for a parent, child, colleague or young person to walk into a room ND receive a smile or a hello, it breaks down an invisible barrier, builds a relationship and helps to maintain it. If it’s a parent then you are usually the one that on that occasion the parent feels they can express any concerns they may have or pass over some good news. A child or young person may see you smile and greet you with a hug and news of their day, this keeps the lines of communication open, its important to keep this good practice up with colleagues also, as well as taking notice of what others are doing and acknowledging that you have seen or heard them achieve.