On the third floor off shopping mall, a girl in Kimono appeared in chase of “him”. “…. Hey, I catch up with you, bomber. ” She talked to her cell phone and dropped it. She drew a knife from her back and looked around carefully. There were three bombs between me and her. Buckshot type bombs from three directions. She cannot escape from the dead end future. The elevator opened and a child and his parents approached us. She glanced at them and I pushed the button.

In one second, Rough Shall got mm metal balls all over her body and killed instantly. Moral Buskin – chapter 1 It’s a comfortable summer morning. My Relent women’s school is an all-weather independent mobile fortress. Other students are fed up with the strict rules of the school but this is a dreamland for me because I had to work all day long in my painlessness Sake cellar. I’m enjoying the summer vacation all alone in the dorm. But a call from my dad made me depressed. He told me to come back home. I’ve already foresaw the future last night. I saw a violins of me working in the Sake factory raying.

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It’s August 3, 9:30 am. At this point, my fate was nothing new just exactly what I saw three days ago. Mira’ Buskin – chapter 2 “Monika-sunk, do you know Mother Muffin? ” Kaki Took in dirty soothe dress asked me after the party celebrating the completion of a hotel, which our office was involved In the design. Kara no Koala -?Moral Fugal- 3 cafe, where I and Sushi will meet. Mother Muffin is a fortune-teller, having been popular a while ago. She was good at advising to avoid the danger in the future. She was praised to be a “100% hitter” but nobody has heard about her for two years.

In front of the cafe, I saw a girl almost crying held the arm by a man in his ass’s. Seemed like she was imploring something to him. As I approached them, I remembered I was scolded by two people “How credulous of you! “. “Hi, excuse me. Is there anything wrong? ” “Where you? Do you know her? ” “Sorry, I Just passed by. Something trouble with her? ” “Nothing wrong with me. When I was walking here, this girl suddenly snapped at me. ” “What? ” Contrary to my expectation, the girl picked a quarrel with the man. She shouted “You’ll be in trouble if you have that bag! ” and clung to his bag. “Is that true? Yes… ” “Hey, you see? I got troubled by this girl. ” “B… But you’ll be injured… Um… Have an accident… Or minced by a dump truck! ” “Oh well, it’s summer huh? You take care of her. ” He left with square shoulders. “Are you o. K.? ” “Thank you for mediation.. But I have to stop him! ” “Hey wait. If you stop him again, he surely hits you. ” “l know… But I cannot ignore him. ” “That’s impressive. But before you go, could you explain me why you think he will got in danger? ” “um… My intuition is always right. He will have an accident at the construction site around the corner… I felt. I knew this determined face with hope to be believed and despair not to be believed. Same as her face in the cold winter rain and crying “I can’t ****! ” Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? 4 “I’ll persuade him. Is it o. K. For you? ” “eh? ” “Stay here. I’ll let you know if everything works fine. ” “AHA! ” I left her behind and chased the guy. If her story is correct, He is heading the street I came from. Mira’ Buskin – chapter 3 After one hour ride on the but from Relent school, I was welcomed by the strong summer sunlight, the busy street noises, and the vision of an unknown man unwatched between a utility pole and a dump truck.

I almost fainted with the vision of death. I saw the future and the present separately. It’s vague which time I’m in. I forced myself to restart breathing. Detest, moral, moderation, braveness… All kinds of fear chocked my throat. The guy walked away. What should I do? If I’m not involved, I don’t have to worry about the result… But! “Hey! Wait! You! With that large bag. ” “Ah? Is that about me? ” My head got white out. But I confronted the man bringing all of my courage to my throat. And the outcome was total failure, as usual. But suddenly a strange guy broke in.

I was half relieved and half amazed at this ridiculously good natured man. It was more unrealistic words than any foresight. After a short quarrel, I was left with the “strange” guy. He asked me why. I made a stupid excuse. I didn’t want to be laughed at, but I would rather die if he despises me. He left chasing the man and I stood stunned in the middle of the street. I came to with an exploding sound. Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? “eh, Ahoy! ” I didn’t see such a big accident. My legs shook with fear and nausea… “It was close. Your prediction was right. ” The guy with black glasses said to me with a peaceful voice.

He is fine except for some scratches. ” He had a long scratches in his left arm, but he seemed nothing care about it. “He may be grateful to you now. ” He proudly praised my ridiculous complacency. I burst into crying. “Eh? Hey, what’s wrong? ” That’s the fateful meeting of me, See Sunshine, and Cookout Monika. 5 Mira’ Buskin (fake) – Chapter 1 Ceramists Murmur is a professional bomber. His Jobs are not intended to kill people. He explodes a building or a property and ruins a show by causing a panic. “There is neither expectation nor hope in the future” He can literally see the future.

Once he sees a future of a successful mission with his right eye, his left eye tells him the way how to bring about the future. This power took humanity from his mind. There is no value in the present. He got bored with life, isolated from the society and became an anonymous bomber, who receives orders on the cell phone and completes the Jobs without being caught by the police. “Hey, it’s dangerous there. ” Is it a blessing or punishment from the God that he met her? It was a simple Job to spoil a completion party of a hotel. He followed what his left eye saw and the hotel was covered with black smoke as his right eye saw.

Five minutes before the explosion, he visited the garden of the hotel to check the “future” was correct and the girl warned him. Feeling slight incongruity and curiosity, he left there after checking the explosion. Murmur examined the participants of the party and found out the name of the girl, Rough Sushi. He couldn’t resist knowing whether he can kill her or not. 6 Mira’ Buskin (fake) – Chapter 2 regretted having consulted with Took. “rather kind of stalking me. I haven’t talked about this to Monika, though. ” “l see. You got his attention in the hotel case. Are you born under a star attracting strange people? It’s not funny. Take a look at this. He mailed me a direct cell phone. ” These three days after the explosion in the hotel, Sushi had already attacked three times. “So he couldn’t be silent seeing you in one piece. Have you gotten a call? ” “Not yet, BTW I felt something strange with this bomber. ” “For what? ” “As for the third time attack, I dropped in the ruin building out of caprice. Just when I entered a room on the second floor, a toy clock ticked at the midnight and it exploded. ” Took got interested in the bomber and Sushi described the bomber as “a living dead”.

Took couldn’t understand what she meant by that, UT she felt something from his “extraordinary foresight”. “He can be a typical psychic of prescience. ” “l got the cigar, boss. You want ‘Peace’, right? ” Cookout was back in the good time. Sushi sighed to see Took pleasingly receive the cigar box from him. Next day, August 3 Sushi and Monika looked for Mother Muffin. “It’s highly unlikely she was involved in the case, but you need to meet her, Sushi. You will grasp what kind of person a psychic with prescience is. ” As Took expected, Sushi met her in the narrow passage between buildings. “Don’t fool me.

I’m working for the dream of the young eke loves and dreams. I don’t have any word to a murder-Philip like you. ” Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? “Alright. That’s enough for me. I got an idea what a future-teller is like. ” “What a naughty kid. What can you understand about me? I can tell you everything about your lover whom you are struggling with all of your strength. ” “! ” She frowned with seethe of killing this woman, but she didn’t try to see her death. “Oh, you have unexpectedly tender mind. I can do fortune telling for you. It’s my treat. ” “No, thanks. Live long, old lady, It’s dangerous around here. “That’s too bad. Btw, a bridge is an unlucky place for you. Take care. You won’t be killed with that, though. ” 7 Mira’ Buskin (fake) – Chapter 3 When Sushi left the fortune teller, an unfamiliar ring tone sounded. “Hello. Nice to meet you, Rough-San. ” It was impossible to hear out the age and sex of the caller due to the voice changer. “Who knows? You have been watching me, huh? ” “No way. I Just set the bomb. No need to show you myself. I’m talking from an apartment room far away. ” “You liar. Alright, what’s the matter, then? I have nothing to talk with you. ” “Do you realize I’m after your life? Why don’t you ask me why? Do you answer if I ask? Shut up. I’m not interested in you, dead man. If you keep on doing this sit, I’ll Just smash the bug up. ” ” …. 1 didn’t see why you have that strong confidence. ” The voice sounds weak but also pleased with Khaki’s reply. Murmur was watching the future bridge. “Do you think you not goanna be dead? The future is on your side, or something? ” “Well, I don’t know until the time comes. At least I’m alive right now. ” “You’ll be dead. Blown by the bomb. You cannot escape from this future. I can see all the future. The future I saw wont be changed. ” “l see the type of your prescience now.

Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? Khaki’s voice has some emotion. It’s an instinctive pleasure like a predator licks its mouth. “Aha. You won’t understand my power. My foreseeing is absolutely right. It’s unchangeable. ” Murmur forced his “past” present to converge into one possibility by foreseeing the future. He was a slave going back and forth between the future and present to realize what he saw. “Unchangeable future, huh? Is that fun? ” “l don’t care. I have no intension on my own. I’m like a machine tied to the foreseen 8 future. I’m not sure if my right or left eye sees the truth or I’m a ghost between hem. Sushi was walking across the bridge. There was a truck with a bomb parked three meter ahead of her. “Are you playing with me? ” “Not at all. You saw my face. It’s a good reason to kill you. ” “You lied again. You should be around here, don’t you? ” Marks’s face was taut with tension. His finger shook with nervousness. “l said no. ” “You are. You need to see the ‘present’ to predict the future because you bring about the foreseen future by filling the present. ” That’s the biggest difference between Marks’s prescience and other future-telling, which sees only the future. “You need to be at the site.

That’s the absolute condition for your prescience. ” ” . That’s why he failed three times. He only saw Sushi entered the places he set bombs. He didn’t see her death directly. As a result, Sushi is alive. “You should be around this time. You need to see my death to complete your prescience. ” Sushi approached the truck one more step. Murmur activated the bomb. A blast blew against her. That’s exactly what he foresaw. “Sit, what a random girl! ” When the bomb exploded, Sushi jumped into the river. She calmly swam to the shore and stared at Murmur. He got frightened and ran out of the building.

This is still within my foreseen future. He shook off the fear and regained confidence. At the parking lot 15 minutes later, he vividly foresaw Sushi torn apart by his bomb. Moral Buskin/ – Chapter 1 “Shall we take a rest in the cafe over there? You must be tired. ” “Ah. Yes! Thank you! ” His line was nothing more than a girl hunting but this kind of man cannot have a bad next train! ” He smiled at me fluttering with embarrassment. “I’ll treat you. This is a reward for your brave act. Oh, I haven’t introduced myself. ” When I heard of his name Cookout Monika, I also heard a girl’s voice “Nice to meet you, See-San. Flashed neat my eyelid. “Not so many people here… ” “The appearance of this cafe is not that friendly to a new customer. They are losing popularity although the cakes and coffee are good. Oh, do you prefer brighter atmosphere cafe, Sunshine-chant? ” “Sushi…!!!!! ” Sunshine- chant! He naturally called my first name!!! “Not at all! I’m pretty fine with this cafe! ” “Good. Let’s sit over there. ” I shook my head to sharpen my relaxed cheek up. I followed him not because I’m tired but I had something to ask him, but…. “Here is the menu. Be careful. The coffee here is a bit hot. Too bad they don’t have the blue berry pie…

His disappointed action made my cheek relaxed again. “ah… No, NO NO NO NO! ” “? ” I felt something different from the ordinary “already predicted thing”. This feeling is close to what I left in my childhood, groping the shape in the dark. Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? “Why did you believe me, Cookout- San? ” I stared at him. This question matters with my whole life. “It’s a bit hard to answer. Because Sunshine-chant was desperate about it, isn’t this answer satisfying for you? ” “Did you feel sorry for me? ” I knew I was testing him. “It’s true I felt sorry for you. At first I thought you were threatened by the guy.

But 10 that’s my fault. What I understood at that point was there was no reason for you to tell a lie. Then, you were seriously anxious about the guy. Regardless of it being true or false, I couldn’t ignore you. ” “You believed me because you though I was not telling a lie? I told something ridiculous like my intuition was right. ” “Even if it sounded like a ridiculous excuse, you surely were serious. That’s enough. And… I’m getting used to this kind of story. ” Cookout-San said he believed in me not what I told. L, See Sunshine, had a deep breath and told him my life-long worry. “l can foresee the future.

Cookout-San looked surprised at my confession. “ah, it’s a stupid story, I know” “No. The reason why I was surprised is my business, don’t care about it. Could you explain the detail of your prescience power? Do you foresee the future like a movie? ” “oh.. Yes. It’s more like dizziness. ” “Is it lasting now? ” “No. It suddenly pops up, and the scenery changes like a slide show… I feel time flows slowly, but it lasts only for two seconds or something in the real time. ” “When did you gain the power? ” “l realized it’s a future telling when I was in Junior high. ” “You must have had a hard time.

I’m impressed with your patience, Sunshine-chant. ” Oh no, I almost cry out again… The sadness when I foresaw the death of my dog Chris two years ago. I saw his death but I couldn’t change it. I shouted with irresistible emotion. “um…. Can I call you Monika-San from now!? ” mind. 11 Moral Buskin/ – Chapter 2 “l know it’s not polite to consult with a person met first today, but could you help me? ” “It’s o. K. By me. I’m not sure I’m reliable for your trouble, though. ” “Don’t laugh at me, please. To tell the truth, I can foresee the future. ” I had been prepared for it, but I was still astonished by her confession.

No wonder she was extremely nervous because she was telling her secret to a newly met man. “Can I call you Monika-San from now? ” This kind of sudden remark should result from her extreme nervousness. “Sure, you can choose whichever you want. So then, how long future ahead can you foresee? ” “l can see the future as scenery up to three days ahead. I sometimes have a kind of vague vision. It’s about one month or one year in the future. “So you have a limit. Which kind of vision do you see more frequently? ” “As for the three day future scenery, I have twice or three times a day. I rarely have the longer ones.

The way she talked and what she told me made me understand her anxiety. She felt herself inferior to others due to her power. “Have you ever had a good experience with your power? ” “l can foresee the question of the exams beforehand, so I had been ranked top in the marks. It’s cheating because I’m not smart at all. ” She murmured as if she was apologizing to other classmates. “l see. You think you cannot handle your talent. ” “Right. It’s too much for me. ” Her distress must be deeper than that. She has resigned herself to the foreseen future. “One more thing, do you fear to see the future? “l don’t know. The future telling has already become a natural thing for me, but I’m Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? afraid of seeing the worst future someday. ” … The death of myself or my precious person “But you haven’t seen such future, yet. Right? ” 12 “ah… No, but I don’t want see something like today’s accident. So I’ve been always frightened or um… Feeling gloomy. But I set it aside from my business… I have not confidence in myself… Sorry I cannot put it to words. I’m not sure if I really feel fear for the future telling. ” “That’s different from fear, it’s simply a… ” “Simply what? Well, it’s too early to tell the conclusion to her. I need to reward to her courageous confession. “l keep it until the end of the talk. Shall I resume the story about the prescience? ” I’ve already gotten the information on the type and length of her future telling. The remaining question is about the conditions. “Have you visited Muffin town before? ” “Yes, it’s relatively close to my school. ” “When did you see the guy I pass him by at the bus stop?? ” “You and he took the same bus and you got off right after him, didn’t you? ” “Oh, yes, you’re right! ” “l see. That’s make sense, if I quote from Took-San. “Yes? I took a name card out of my wallet and wrote down a short sentence on the back. “??? ” Leaving Sunshine-chant puzzled with my strange action, I placed the name card on the table. “This is the last question. Are you afraid of your ability to see the future or do you fear that you cannot change your fate on your own? ” She answered indecisively after thinking for some while. “I’m afraid of both, but I would choose the latter. ” “Good. I assured you that there is nothing to worry about your ability. Take more pride in yourself. You can see that kind of future as much as you want. Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? “What!? Are you really listening to me? I don’t… ” “Your prescience is not a bad one. There may be such a troublesome future teller somewhere in the world, but you are not. ” “? ” 13 There is no good or bad about person’s talent, but I can see whether the talent works in a good or bad way to him or her. “This is secondhand information; there are several types of prescience ability… ” I started to give her the lecture I had the other day. +++++++++++++++++ The shocking news of no salary for July was withdrawn at the end of the month.

There was an unexpected income deposited to our office. “Oh, now I remember. Before I moved to here, I did the designing of the hotel in my spare time. ” Took was so pleased with the money and attended the cerebration party for the completion of the hotel along with her staff and the staffs friend A. But they were involved in a strange accident there. A few days later, Took and the friend A discussed how to settle this case. “The culprit left a declaration of the crime at the site. The explosion time and range, the number of casualties, and the description of the injuries. It’s more like a report than a crime statement. “A report, huh? He did his job in a businesslike way. “The strange thing is why this businesslike bomber is after us. Where were you at the night? ” “Just I walked out around there. Btw, did the report predict the future? ” “Yes, he must be a psychic with prescience. ” The magician unpleasantly replied. ++++++++++++++++++focus’s long lecture… ) “Boss, does the prescience power really exist? ” “Yes. The word prescience include multiple types of ability but it’s basically a power to see something, not includes dubious things like communicating with the future or transported to a parallel world.

If you restrict the prescience within the function of Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? human beings, the prescience is divided into ‘prediction’ and ‘measurement’. Prediction is more common. In a high level case, the predicted future is envisioned in the brain. ” “Wait. If it’s true, it’s almost impossible to catch this bomber even for the police, isn’t it? ” “No, it’s possible. Even if he can see the future, there is a physical limit in the human ability. He cannot escape from the siege by the police unless he can fly. But the police give out information too much. They are good prey of the future teller.

If they are to catch him, use a prolonged strategy pouring enormous umber of human resources, or rely on an unexpected unlucky event. ” “Unexpected unlucky event… Something like a traffic accident? ” “Correct. Something beyond the expectation in a daily life will work. …. And being attacked by the ‘human disaster’ is the most unexpected one. Prescience doesn’t mean you really ‘see’ the future. You cannot see what you don’t expect. ” “…? They are not seeing the future? But they ‘see’ the future, right? ” “It’s a mere prediction. For example, assume there are two people here. B will kill A the day after tomorrow.

A prescience psychic can see the crime scene by looking at the two even if he doesn’t know their names and faces or the reason for the murder. ” “Hey, if he knows the outcome without knowing the reason, that’s Just an intuition. ” Took gave a cold smile to Sushi, who seemed like saying “l can also do that”. “Don’t mix it up with your case, Sushi. Yours is a kind of sixth sense knowing the result by imagination. On the other hand, the prescience is based on solid basis and evidences. Listen. Human being evolved building up the culture and systematic knowledge and abandoning useless physical functions.

Prescience is ability what we supposed to throw away long ago. Those future tellers unconsciously record all the information they received from the sight; words, smell, tempo, even a stain on the wall. When the huge information is mixed and takes a form of inevitable outcome, they foresee the future. It’s Just an intellectual processing. It’s not extraordinary ability like Khaki’s. They are normal people partially retrogressed. ” “Retrogressed? But they have such a wonderful power. ” Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? “Human beings make a wise choice of information from the environment.

The 15 civilized society is too complicated to comprehend fully. Originally, the world can be perceived as an integration of all the five sensations. But it’s useless. Personalization and adaptation are the most essential superiority of us human beings. We don’t pay attention to what is unrelated to us in order to save the mental strength. We found from one thousand years of evolution that selecting beneficial information from the environment is the most efficient way to evolve fast. Let’s go back to the example of the murder case. Seeing either the victim A or the murderer B alone gives the prediction of the murder.

This is the result of perceiving Ass life style and even an unconscious sensation of danger of A. If the psychic turns on the ability all the time, Someday an artificial intelligence will catch up with human prediction ability. ” They are not looking at the future a few minutes ahead, but the outcome a few minutes later resulting from the present conditions. “l see… But this bomber is different. He doesn’t see anything. ” “? We cannot call it a prediction if he sees the future without any basis. It’s an arrogation of the common sense. ” “It’s complicated. Took, what’s the difference between the prediction and measurement? Measurement is useful specially to criminals. Prediction is a rightful power of human. The easier prey for Sushi is “Well, it’s no use talking about assumptions. Could you bring a tea for me, Manikin? I’m thirsty now. ” “Sure. But what are we supposed to do if we meet a psychic with prescience? ” “If he is the prediction type, Just leave him. Nothing harmful to the society. If we properly advise them, they can manage to live with us. ” Moral Buskin/ – Chapter 3 Monika-San explained me the difference between measurement and prediction. Measurement is an act of piling up the future and prediction is an act of perceiving he future.

He said my prescience was prediction type. Kara no Sukiyaki -?Mira’ Buskin-? “They made a tasty one today. ” I didn’t notice he ordered a meat pie. … We have been talking about a serious matter. “l don’t feel myself having a good memory. I’m not smart, either. ” “If you are aware of it, it’s dangerous for you. The function of prescience should be isolated from the consciousness. ” He kept on swallowing the meat pie. I cannot take it anymore! “Excuse me! Could you bring me this orange and sunflower mixed pie, please? ” Monika-San smiled at me. “Well, you can forget about what I said.

It’s all secondhand knowledge. I can say to you only one thing. ” “What… What is that? ” “Sunshine-chant is not that special. You don’t have to worry about it. ” That’s what I don’t want hear from him. The words of encouragement lowered my body temperature like cold water. “You can say such a thing because you cannot see the future. ” I barely held my words “You don’t understand my feeling”. “To tell the truth, I can see the future a little. ” That’s a terrible betrayal. This man must be a devil. His clothes are all black. “No kidding. You cannot deceive me…. What? ” Monika-San showed me the name card.

To my surprise, it read “Sunshine-chant will order the orange pie. ” “See? I did it. ” … Yes, but… ” This is a Kiddush magic. “Don’t fool me. Anyone can predict the future by guessing. I see the unchangeable future. ” “If you’re correct, the case with the guy was not prescience. The future you foresaw and the actual result were different. ” I stunned. “Ah… Yes, we saved him. ” 16 “It’s you who saved him. You saw the road construction and the bag of the guy on the bus. When he headed for the construction site, all the pieces of information formed a prediction. It’s basically the same as my prediction on this name card.