Will Never Regret That Loved You Smiling when’s thinking on you Keep quiet in a sudden while heard your name Crying while thinking on you alone; but keeps smiling while sees u Life’s too touching and perfect would more rather like to be sad for you; or even, depressed I’m writing the sadness in the diary that doesn’t belongs with me I’ll crying while heard that the lyrics is so nearly with my feelings Ill crying while watching parts of touching drama Dreaming on your cruel face, then cry and awake from dreams Keeps smiling silly while thought about our funny arguing

There’d too many, many Thanks God that I have found you, it’s a happiness to see you Although I keep saying to give up, but it’s still unbearable I have spent my youth and left the Loves aside; but still waiting even If I know that It wont ends well Everyday that I love you Is a terrible nightmare Every minute, or even every moment is filled with sweet and pain Pain made cries while sweet memories Is a illusion to console myself But I still won’t let It go have already defeat already defeat while the moments I felt in love with you said: [ You see, I lose till my heart’s empty

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Really felt that you’re the unfortunate for me; but I ‘m still willing to be hurt by you- Although I knew that I will hurt badly I always pray that I’ve never fell In love with you before, or even, Vive never known you But if the God’s giving me a chance to go back to past, I’m still choosing to love you-definitely I wonder if you are the One in my life wonder if Vive found the Mr.. Right with the wrong timing Or met with the wrong person In the right timing My friends feel unfair for me They advise me to give up They said that I’m not suppose to be sad for you They say [ What does he so good? Clare it for you declare that you are good enough said [ It’s just because I’m not good enough, I can’t help ] I know what’s they’ll never know know, you’re hardworking enough know, you’re very tough Or even, I know that you have too much pressure know that It’s a better way if I give up But I Just don’t want to give up [ Just because you are just the way you are, the only one of you However sad or hard 1 OFF Is better than if you pain That makes my heart’ s pain Love, makes me tiny When really fall in love, the limits will be thrown But life’s fulfill with too much regrets

There are too much, too much of people Still can’t be together in the end Vive told myself [ Love is one’s personal matter But why I’m crying for my sadness once and more? You’ve told me If we’re still not success for this time You’ll give up, that means we are really inconsiderable If we really reach the only way to give up And it’s no way anymore I will leave here [ If there’s a chance that can brings me back, I’ll still choose to fall in love with you. Though it’s painful, I’m still grateful that I found you. It’s my best luck to found you. I will remember that I had deeply love someone before ]

I know I have to give up The future is still broad; but you can’t give me the happiness I want But I’m still unbearable Because I don’t know Whether can I find someone that enables me to love him deeply like now in the future Can I love him Just like how I love you now, that deeply and unregenerate All I know that you are a wound in my heart, that’ll never recover I can’t forget it, Just because that Vive deeply love, hurt and pain I will keep you in my deep heart’s core.