Every cell, every nerve in my body screamed in pain. The morphine was no good, I was sure that pain couldn’t exceed to a level higher than this. My eyes remained closed. I wouldn’t dare open them for I feared I would see fire around me If I did. Everything burned, except for my hand. My hand felt soft and tender, because the softest rose was cradled In It. She had not left my hand ever since I woke up. I wanted to open my eyes, get up, kiss her and tell her this wasn’t her fault. I resisted the urge though. What if she saw the pain in my eyes.

I couldn’t do that to her. “I’ll be right back” she whispered between sobs, leaning on my chest. I thought I’d be okay, how wrong I was. The second she left, the pain doubled, tripled and the became unbearable. The burning sensations had a sound of their own. The sound screeched in my ears. I felt a stab in my arm. This new drug did wonders. Surprisingly the pain stopped. In fact I felt fit again. God bless science, I said to myself. My eyes opened themselves, In a hurry to see what was happening around Three nurses had me surrounded. I told one of them I felt healthy again and would like to go outside.

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She merely nodded in the distance, Some nurse. Aren’t hospitals supposed to have formalities? The world looked beautiful. It had a new air to it. Whistling with my hands in my pocket I skipped along the sidewalk. In fact I felt so good, that I could keep up with a car on the road. As I walked. I thought about Sally. I couldn’t Walt to meet her. Never had she wanted all this to happen. It wasn’t her fault. Sally and I are neighbors, we fell in love two years ago and have been absolutely crazy about each other ever since. Last week, during a party, ran Into a really nice couple from Poland: Mr. and Mrs. Kowalski.

As time passed, we became very fond of them. Every Sunday was Poker night. We played all night with the Kowalski and some other neighbors, and then went out to breakfast in the morning. One Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Kowalski called and said she wouldn’t be able to make it. Sally said she sounded scared. Sally insisted that we go over to their house and find out what had happened. This was the first (and hopefully the last) time we visited them. Their house was large and beautiful. It was more of a mansion. Neither of us had no idea they were so rich. We proceeded on to the front steps and rung the doorbell.

It was answered by a a terrible scream. Sally gasped and stepped back. And then out of nowhere we heard 3 loud gunshots. Mr. Kowalski opened the door, looking perfectly calm. In a very steady voice, he asked “What did you see? ” “N;nothing, nothing” was everything happened so suddenly that it was all a blur. The man grabbing Sally hand, dragging us both into the house, Sally escaping, me being thrown into the fire, police sirens, and waking up in the hospital. Everything seemed to happen at once. Anyway;ay, I didn’t want to think about anything but the present.

All that mattered was hat Sally and I would have a happy life together. My house was right there in front of me, and next to that was where Sally lived. I ran down the street and up the front steps. Before I could ring the bell, she opened the door. But she didn’t smile, let alone hug me. I was even more surprised when my neighbor walked past me without noticing. Anger, confusion and sadness all built up in me simultaneously. I could not believe it. Had she found someone else? Was she mad at me for some reason? And if yes, then for what reason? I followed her and tried to grab her by the arm.

Shockingly, it slipped through her. For a moment I stood still, dumbstruck. After a few minutes, I smiled to myself. The situation seemed rather funny to me. I sat down by the steps and waited for my love to come back. When she came, her eyes were red and swollen, although tearless. I followed her inside the house and tried a million different ways to communicate with her. I failed. Burying my face in my hands with no other option left, I mumbled “l love you. So much. So much. ” Wiping my face, I sat down next to her. Maybe this was how my love story was destined to end.