From the moment that we started hanging out Is the beginning of my heart’s Journey to the paradise of love “The love that burns Inside me” Because of you, everything that you do makes me fall In love and It keeps on making my heart feel better I knew that I told you before how I felt and how hard and stone-hearted I am. But now I can really see the change In me, I never really expected that things would turn up to be this way, “That I’m falling In love with you”, maybe this Is what we call the power of love”.

My wounded heart Is healed again and all those anguish and anger that I felt before was changed. And now I can tell you honestly how I felt for you. With no doubt and pretenses “l love you”. I really do love you. I know how patient you’ve waited for me, you survived the test of time and yet your still here by my side and doing everything just for me. “l am so grateful that you came into my life,These are true words that came from my heart…. T now these are just words with no meaning at all. Love fades when your love for each other is not strong enough. When one of you give up and the other is still fighting for your love, he/she must stop for LOVE hurts, but I can tell that I really felt in love with this guy until now but I need to forget about this feelings from now on because of certain reasons. He will forever remain in my heart and forever be my special someone…. “L love you but fate says that we are not meant to You know who you are…. I love you goodbye…

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