How did you get your first Job? Today I will be writing you about my journey and my first day on the Job at Alienate. Now almost a year later I am writing this essay on my Journey on how I got a Job at Alienate. Many people will tell you I Just turned an application, and I got hired. Not a lot would tell you the Journey and the hardships of finding a Job. It was a very spontaneous moment, a very Intense Walt and an exciting first day at the Job. So… It was July of 2013, I was unemployed for about two months.

I got tired of irking at McDonald’s and making very little money. I wanted something new and something that will pay me better so I can pay my way thru college. But at that point any job would have been better than being unemployed. It was kind unexpected, I Just kind stumbled upon on. My mom and I was at Leant eating at the buffet. After we decided to see if there Is any openings. So we went to the employment center and that’s where I met this lady named Alma she was a very helpful person and was part of the reason I got the job.

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I turned in the application in didn’t think anything about it. So I just let it be and didn’t think anything about it. Shortly after, I say about a week or so I can get this call from an unknown number. To my surprise it was Alma and she told me to come in for an interview a week later. I was very happy I had a lot of emotion going threw me. Usually when I used to turn an app, nothing really happened but I got this “panel” interview. A week passed by and and before I knew I was in this panel interview.

Basically the panel interview for me as a room full of people, which they have to introduce your self and and answer interview questions. There was a group of people Judging us, grading our performances, and our answers. Luckily they liked me and I passed the panel interview. To my surprise I had another interview, this interview was with my future boss. Alma told me that interview was in another week. The day came I passed that interview with breeze I was kind nervous. So I passed that interview and my boss Jessie told me to go to HER to get started.

Her then told me I had to go threw aground check and drug testing. At that point I was Just ready to go to work. So another two weeks pass by and finally, finally I can start making some money. Overall It was a good month till I had my first day at my Job. Finally the day came, first day on the Job. First It was the orientation, they explained how everything works at a casino. Things you can and cannot do and so on. So the next day is when you officially started. My Job Is fairly easy, I’m a kitchen worker so basically they showed me what to do around the kitchen help the cooks out.

Operate the dishwasher, make sure everything Is nice and clean. The first day I got lost, behind the shimmer and glamour there are hall ways where leads to restaurants and offices and so on. But Its Like a maze If you don’t know your way around It you will get lost. That’s what happened to me, but thankfully this old lady showed me the way around. Which I was thankful because I was almost going to be is when I got there it was and it still is Just a Job nothing special. The only difference is that I will be making a fair amount of money compared to McDonald’s.

But with this job I can move around learn new things. And luckily for me they like giving chances to people that are fairly new to the field. In conclusion the Journey was long, the wait was eating me alive, and the first day was Just a first day. Now a year later I told you about my little Journey. The Job grew on me and I made lots of new friends. From its humble beginning to finding out there really isn’t much to it, it Just pays better than most Jobs. I see alienate as a starting point to my career this little Job is Just a humble beginning in my career.