Everyone has been betrayed one way or another throughout their lives and for those who have experienced betrayal, you should know that It causes a variation of emotions to flow through your mind. When you are betrayed you can feel angry, lost and heart-broken, but worst of all you feel the need to get revenge. With all these feelings flustering in your thoughts, it is difficult to think of a way to hurt someone as badly as they have hurt you.

When you are betrayed you are in a miserable state and you really don’t know what exactly to do with yourself. If you cannot get revenge on he person who hurt you, why not put someone else through this hell? Spread the misery, it isn’t fair that you’re the only one in pain. Betray a family member, an old friend or make a new friend and betray them Just for the fun of it! No matter who it is, here is one path that leads you to leave someone hurt emotionally for a long time. 1. SHOW INTEREST Show Interest In something they want and that you have never had Interest In before.

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You have to want what they want and work to get It before they get It. For example, a crush that your friend has. Make sure that they see you attempting to flirt with them, hey have to be aware of your actions and witness everything you’re doing. The difficult part of this is, throughout the process you must pretend that you are totally unaware that you both are trying to get the attention of the same person. This may make them feel bad and maybe even back off, but you yourself should have no conscience and go for the gold! 2.

FLAUNT IT ALL Once you get what they wanted, (the guy/gal.), show them off in front of your friend. The key to this step Is to once again pretend you are still clueless! Make them think that you are doing all of this unintentionally and In no way are you trying to hurt hem. Talk to them about their crush and how great they are, make sure they are jealous but at the same time they will feel bad. Sit with their crush and make your friend feel uncomfortable around the both of you. 3. SYMPATHY The next step is to pretend you care.

Take notice to the way they act when you bring up the topic of their crush, when they eventually confess how uncomfortable they feel, pretend you had no idea. Tell them you are sorry and that if they knew otherwise they would have never made any moves in first place. Tell them that if it makes them that uncomfortable you will stop talking to their crush and move on. . SWEET MISERY At this point your friend will Insist that you don’t do anything of that sort, they will say it’s fine and tell you to go on with what you’re doing.

But everybody knows that when rather you stop and move on, but you should show no emotion and take their word for it. Go on with being with their crush and slowly watch your friend’s emotions eat them alive. Your friend probably has lost all their respect for you and doesn’t know what to do. They are heart-broken and miserable, they can’t believe you would hurt them like that. They have now lost a good friend and a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.

They hate you for it and even when things seem good on the outside they will never forgive you. Also, the best part of all of this is this they feel like the whole thing is their fault. So there you have it, you’ve hurt someone really badly and left them torn up inside. Now someone else knows what it feels like to be betrayed and you’ve left them to rot with these feelings of anger and misery. Maybe your ex-friend will now take their anger out on someone else and betray another innocent human being, Just as you did.