John-Paul Lee “Don’t give up; don’t ever give up,”, are the words of the great college basketball coach Jimmy V. He said this In his speech during the ESPY awards Just a few years before he died of cancer. This quote was, and still Is, very Inspirational to me. From that day on, I used the quote as Inspiration to do my best In everything I do. It helped me become a better student once I heard It. Before that I would not complete my work, and I just didn’t care about the grades I was getting.

However, after that, it changed me into a different student. This short quote can change a person’s life if he Just take it to heart. If a person wants to become a good student I would suggest that he listen to this whole speech. The words in the speech can help a person become a better person in life, but more importantly, it can make the younger people become better students. To enable oneself to become this good student, one must also be responsible, have a good attitude and participate.

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A key factor to becoming a good student is responsibility. A person has to be responsible no matter what, but especially In the classroom. To be responsible, a student must stay focused In class, be well organized, make an effort on all work given to him, and study. All four of these factors work together. If one factor Is off, then nothing Is going to work. Staying focused In class will help a person do his best on halls work and will give him the tools he need to study from when it’s time. Being organized will help a person stay focused.

If someone is organized, he will know where everything is, and when it moms time to hand something in, he will have it ready to go. All of these qualities are great, but it takes a lot more than Just these few things to be considered a good student. A second quality that can help transform someone into becoming a good student is a good attitude. Having a good attitude will help a student in accomplishing his goals. Having a good attitude requires working well with others, asking for help when It Is needed, being outgoing and responding to discipline well.

When working with others, a good student will do all the work that is assigned and alp his peers with their work when he Is done. This reassures that the student Is outgoing as well. It’s a good trait to have as a student and P Lee page 2 as a person. When a good student fails and has to be disciplined, he will take the punishment that is needed and next time he will make sure not to make the same mistake again. A final key to becoming a good student would be participation in the classroom. By participating in class, a student will learn more and have a better chance of remembering the things that he learns.

When the teacher asks a question or asks for a volunteer to do something, a good student should always be the one to do these tasks. A participating student must always be open-minded. If the student makes a mistake then he should take the crystals and move on, where a bad student would Just get agitated. Incorporating all these different qualities Into a person’s study habits will certainly enable an individual to evolve into a better student. The remember this famous quote, “Don’t give up; don’t ever give up. ”