Without a plan or system, the likelihood of you achieving massive success in life is at best unlikely or at worst impossible. If you fail to plan, then you ultimately plan to fail. It Is a harsh truth, but anyone telling you that success is a matter of luck and reserved for the fortunate few is deluding themselves. With a well thought out plan or system, anyone can achieve true success. While there are many successful plans and systems that you can use, I personally believe there are only “3 Keys to Success “that are required.

The first key Is Persistent and Consistent Attitude. The second key Is Learn to Grow Continuously and Learn What You Don’t Know. The third key Is Enjoy Yourself and A Plan of Action. Keys to Success A Persistent Attitude is first of the 3 keys to success Is having the attitude to persist, no matter if the going gets tough and the negativity rears its ugly head. It is a given, that at times things will not always go to plan. A Consistent Attitude is being consistent in activities that are going to move you forward on your journey.

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Set a time every day to consistently work on your plan. Don’t let distractions take you off course. Learn what you don’t know is second in the 3 keys to success just as you need to now what you want; you also need to be willing to learn what you don’t know. Knowledge is power. If you are willing to be taught and to learn, you’ll always be a success. Strive to Grow Continuously as you realize your success, you can never stop there. Success is not about coming to a stop, but in learning how to roll once you get to where you are going.

Enjoy yourself is the third in the 3 keys to success is perhaps the most crucial key to success. Often the Journey is Just as much fun or more so than where you finally end up. When you achieve success, you need to look back and feel happy for the path you choose. A Plan of Action the knowing of how to achieve and succeed without this final step is never going to be enough. Without action, nothing happens! This is where most people give up. They are asked to move out of their comfort zone.

With Just a little effort, things could be so different. Conclusion Success means deferent things to different people. For some It means making a lot of money. For others it means being famous or having a loving relationship at home. Or It may mean doing the work you love on a schedule that meets your own needs. Most people wait for success, thinking It will find them. Usually It doesn’t! You have to make space for success to happen. Just as there are many kinds of success, there are many ways to achieve It.

Put another way, there Is no one key to success, there are many keys. Here are the most Important ones: A Persistent and Consistent Attitude, Learn What You Don’t Know and Strive to Grow Continuously, Enjoy Yourself and A Plan of Action. Just remember that success doesn’t depend on wishing or luck. It requires two things-? a dream and elbow grease. If you don’t have both, success will always stay just outside your grasp. As Albert Schweitzer said “Success is not the key to successful. ”