How to be Successful in Life Success means different things to different people. In this essay I will be discussing what success means to me and how I think it is obtained and also how it is Important. Almost everyone wants to be a success in life and look for a lot of ways to obtain success, there are so many ways to be successful in life but I feel the most Important ways to obtain success Is by having a good education, being a hard worker, and having determination. Those are some of the things I will discuss In this paper.

Success is Important because with success you are bound to be happy no matter what. It gives you a sense of pride that noting else will give you. To obtain success feel you have to have a good education. If you don’t have a good education or compassion for what your doing then you can’t accomplish as much. I believe that education Is what builds a man and sets him on track for success. It teaches a man how to be more mature and Intelligent so that he can feel better about himself and the goals he has set. Another point of gaining success is being a hard worker. Rd workers leave a good impression on most people and that there can open opportunity’s for success. A good work ethic can help you accomplish goals and help you to never give up no matter how frustrating or hard it is. The last point I will touch on is determination, without determination you can’t really obtain the other two points. Determination is what leads a man to strive to be better and a harder worker and work towards his goals. I feel determination is the most important out of all three of these points. It helps you accomplish the other two points.

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