Once a friend asked me how he can be a good student when he went out of the office room. It was not an easy question to me at that time. But when I read the essay one good teacher I realized that a good student Is not only supposed to be a good listener but also execute the teacher’s assignment well. The other quality of a good student should be the desire for knowledge.

We listen in the most of a class, and what we listen and how we listen does make it different from a good student to a common one. There are many useful and thoughtful ideals our teacher usually cost even it does no matter with the cause. And we show our respect by being a good listener. What we are asked to do is actually carefully planned and worked by the teacher. No matter how hard and how heavy the assignment is, we should make our best to do it well.

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When you finally make it, you turn back with pride to see what you have done. So does our teacher, they would be happy inside of the heart. Then comes to the students themselves, you can never be a good student If you are not eager for knowledge. Teachers show us a way to success, and we take our feet go down the road. No pains, no gains. If you want to be a good student, then you have much more to work on. Being a good student, we know how a good teacher contributes.