How does Michael Fray present Stephens Journey from innocence to experience in Chapters 1-5 of Spies? Spies is a bloodcurdling where the protagonist, Stephen discusses about the events from his childhood which then effect on him in his adult life. You are led through the Journey of Stephen as us as the reader sees only from young or old Stephen. Michael Fray presents Stephen as naive and easily influenced in the beginning of the novel. In Spies, Stephen gets the wrong impression about Mrs.

Harvard’s diary’s ax’s and exclamation marks and mistakes it for some form of German “code”. This then leads him to believe that “she actually is a German spy”. This signifies Stephens naivety and how he is now accepting it to be true. The word “actually’ is effective in this sentence as it was used to emphasize that something someone has done is surprising which in this case, is Stephen being surprised about Mrs. Harvard’s being a German spy.

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The fact that the word “actually’ is put at the ginning could propose that it is “actually” surprising and unexpected. By him saying “she ‘actually is a German spy’ also gives emphasis to the fact that he now believes that it is true as he did not before. In the novel, Michael Fray also presents Stephens naivety about adults. The protagonist discusses how “There’s only one way to go when you get to the end of the Close, and that’s left… F you go right the road peters out into a rough track that disappears through the undergrowth into a dark, issued tunnel. ” Michael Fray makes use of the tunnel as a metaphor. This is for the reason that it is the Journey that Kith’s mother goes through and It Is her decision. It does not even come to Stephens mind that Mrs.. Hayward could Just be choosing the path that Is dangerous because It could be a shorter route to where she Is heading. This is because to him, he would assume that adults are sensible and would then choose the logical path.