The girl stumbled and rolled down the grassy hill, pulling her fiance with her. For a few minutes they fell, rolling on top of each other before landing in a heap on the soft sand below. The woman looked at the man below her, affection filling her eyes as she smiled subconsciously. “What are you smiling at? ” He inquired flipping her over so he was on top of her. “Just wondering if why on earth I’m marrying someone as ugly as you; do you think it’s too late to pull out? ” The girl answered giggling. “Oh really! ” Her fiance answered standing up, grabbing the girl’s waist and spinning her round. And yes, it is too late to pull out. The wedding Is In two days whether you Like It or not. ” He added defiantly, placing the dizzy woman on the ground. She hiccup, trying to gain her balance. Her fiance let out a thunderous laugh, she glared at him. “Don’t laugh at me! It’s your fault! ” She groaned, folding her arms across her chest. “The alcohol’s got to your head then? Oh well, more fun for me! ” He said, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. She rolled her eyes and ran In the direction of the sea. “Race you to the water! ” She called over her shoulder childishly.

She heard her fiance chuckle from behind her as she reached the water. She started walking further out to sea: her heart skipped a beat as her fiance tackled her to the ground. She yelped, a sudden spark of pain running through her foot. “Owl Adam, you’ve made me cut my foot! Thanks! ” The woman complained, playfully slapping Dam’s chest. He looked at her, a mischievous glint in his eye. “Oh, I’m sorry Nick. Should I kiss it better? ” Her fiance asked, grabbing her leg with tender hands. “No you should not! Help me up and let’s swim! ” Nick said excitedly.

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Adam lifted her out of the shallow water and carried her the rest of the way out, before very carefully dropping her back into the water. Together they swam around in the salty, inky black sea. Nick felt a strong force knock her left foot from below her. “Adam, did you just knock my foot? ” She asked him, worried something was under her. “Nope wasn’t me! I wouldn’t worry about it my love. Nothing out here can hurt you. ” He swam over to her, grabbing her hand in his. All thoughts and worries disappeared from thought as they kissed passionately in the moonlight. Love you Nick foster. ” Her fiance stated truthfully, gazing into her eyes. “I lo-“Suddenly they were pulled under water. Nick let go of Adams hand and swam to the surface, looking around her frantically for her fiance. She quickly regained her breath before going back under water but he couldn’t see a thing in the murky, dark depths of the sea. Nick resurfaced. Panic clouding her mind. Unexpectedly a hand rose out of the water, she let out a gasp of shock as she pulled at the hand and screamed, pure horror now coursing through her veins.

The object In her hands belonged on her Dam’s arm. The bone was exposed, muscle and flesh was ragged and torn, fresh warm blood was dripping onto Nick’s hand. Salty tears ran down her face, milling with the gentle current. She threw the hand Into the sea and tried to swim for shore, but her left leg was searing with pain. A wave of nausea passed over her as Nick, teary eyed and heartbroken felt down her leg. To her utter terror, her leg had been ripped to shreds, blood pulsing from the stub. She panicked, thrashing around in the cold water.

Swiftly a great force pulled her under. She could feel her bones being crunched, her organs being bubbles of precious oxygen escaping her bloodless lips. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine Adam, the sweet loving man she was going to marry. Instead all she could think of was images of his ripped, lifeless body. These images haunted her to her death. The murderer was enjoying its meal of human flesh. They were both easy kills, but no man could win against this beast. The creature swam into the night, leaving no morsel of human flesh or bone behind it.