I don’t agree with what his speech is about but I do agree on his tactics. He is a very persuasive man to his people that follow behind him. I think its pretty cool and smart to practice and memorize his speeches the way he does. His eye contact was good and his tone of voice work perfect in my eyes. I’m not to sure of why the beginning of his speech is so different from the end. I enjoyed the end more because to me it felt like it had way more power.

The rowed was screaming so loud at the end you can Just feel all that energy he puts in the air, his speech , and their minds. His confidence is a big aspect on his speech. He talks like a leader, stands like a leader, and speaks like one too. I think his tactics of being persuasive are very cleaver. Like when he spoke about his soldiers dying but every man lost Is a man gain and it will symbolize eternal. That’s very cleaver for him but stupidity for his audience. Hitter’s delivery was DOD and his structure also.

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When you see his speech you Just know he is a man of great power by his tone, posture, and the effectiveness of his audience the Germans. I think its smart that Hitler practices his hand Jesters before his speech because body movement and posture can be Judge on If not done right and he needs to keep his audience alert and listening the whole time. Plus hand Jesters give words more meaning . Hitler Is a very bad man but also a smart one you have to give It to him.