Sexton used poetry as a gateway to express herself to people. Sexton’s work can be considered as an Insight Into being a woman. Poetry Itself has be considered a way of relieving yourself of your emotions. Many poets have used the works to get a point across or Just to Inform. Take for instance the poem “Her Kind”. Look how It Is detailed and self explanatory. Just reading a poem like this gives people insight into what she was thinking and her writing.

In this poem you can tell she is a very emotional person. In the poem it shows the different stages of womanhood. It breaks it down from the beginning, middle, and the end of the cycle of womanhood. As a woman begins her journey into womanhood, she is looking to find herself or at least her place. In the beginning stage, we are lost, confused, and Just beginning to experience life. Sexton stated, “A woman like that is not a woman, quite”. (255) Every woman has to go through this stage in life and there is no getting around It.

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In the ginning, we are lost In the dark Just trying to find our path In life. Along the way, we have bumps and bruises that we endure. Every bump can be considered a testimony of what you have either accomplished or experienced. We all have done things we are not proud of, but as long as you learn from them they can be considered accomplishments. Each stage of womanhood is different for each person but it’s what you make of your Journey that defines you. Some choose to make their journey hard and torturous when it doesn’t have to be.

We begin to brace ourselves building characteristics In essence of becoming that great woman that everyone wants to be. With each characteristic, we gain we learn something new about ourselves, and we also gain structure into our life. At this stage, a woman is still struggling in finding out who she is as a woman. We go through life changing events which can either pull us down or make us stronger. Yet, as you are still In the beginning stage, you manage to find a little of yourself. This Is one of the points In life women tend to feel so misunderstood ND lost at times.

As you grow into womanhood, you become a strong woman who has had many trials and tribulations. But, you can never learn enough about yourself as a person or an individual. In this part of womanhood, you have found that you are the survivor of many things in life. You have been broken, beaten and yet, you have still manage to survive and tell your story. This type of woman has gained confidence, strength, and bravery through it all. This has to be the best part of going through your Journey.

The excitement of finding yourself is knowing where you belong as a person. As a woman, you are able to hold your head high and say I am a survivor. Sexton said it best when she said “A woman Like that is not ashamed to die” (255). At this point, you have already been through what you consider the worst part In your life, and you have made It. The adventure of going through womanhood Is Just that; an adventure. Nothing Is ever perfect. If the journey was as perfect as we would like it to be we wouldn’t be as through the fire to get there.

Some people make it look easy, but if you ask them they can tell you everything that they have had to go through and accomplish to get there. In the end, everything you have done and seen it will be worth it. Every woman strives to be this woman in life, but not all make it. The Journey itself isn’t easy by no means, but you have to keep fighting. Every woman before you has had to complete this struggle. I know that I have. I can personally say that I have been “her kind. ” But, I also want them to see that nothing is easy, and you have to fight for what you want in life.