Remember, one breath per phrase b. Use your diaphragm support c. Round your sound d. Picture the sound coming out of the top of your head. 2. “Dee doth” breath exercise a. One breath per phrase b. Use your diaphragm support 3. “Dee doth” range extension exercise a. Use good support b. Go for it! Even if you think it’s too high! C. Open up, don’t pinch off the sound. 4. “Me-Ah” range extension a. Drop your Jaw b. Open up, throat should feel like you’re about to yawn .

Go for it! When it gets to high, we’ll use ‘bi-tonality 5. Alphabet backwards a. One breath and B and A 6. Alphabet forward Follow my tempo. We will be adding others as the year goes on, keep an ear open for updates! (over) New exercises! These exercises have what you need to remember right in the lyrics! Sing Legato: Sing legato sing smoothly flowing from note to note; sing legato ah, Oh, smoothly. Staccato and Marco:

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Staccato is short and snappy. Staccato is short as notes can be. Marco is strong with accents. We sing with strength and deep tone. Rich Tone: 1. Rich tone with open throat, Rich tone on even breath. 2. Sigh the tone with loosened jaw, sigh the tone on even breath 3. Sing a song with loosened Jaw; sing a song on even breath. Crescendo and Decrescendo Sing a little louder in crescendos with a fuller voice. Sing a little softer in decrescendos with a lighter voice. Sigh the tone

Sigh the tone, sigh the tone with a smile inside. Sigh, smile, on an even breath. Flexibility Flexibility, flexibility, sing with light and short note. Flexibility, flexibility, sing with easy floating breath. Yah ah ah, hay ah ah… Etc. Hello By Chelsea_rose b. Use your diaphragm support.