The movie The Haunted Mansion was funny, scary and intense. It was funny more in the beginning of the movie then in any other part of the movie. There were a few scary parts In the middle of the movie when the butler and the master Jumped out of nowhere. Finally the Intense parts came at the end of the movie because you TLD know what would happen next. At the beginning of the movie a paper boy approaches the haunted mansion with fliers for the Veers real estate, when all the sudden the house roars and the paper boy drops his papers.

When Edward Grace minds the fliers and recognizes Sara that looks like the girl he fell in love with (Elizabeth Handsaw), the butler calls the Veer’s real estate right before they were supposed to go to the lake, but Jim Veers could not pass up the offer to sell the gorgeous mansion so they drove to the mansion before going to the lake. Jim insists it will only take 20 minutes tops, but that wasn’t the case Edward Grace and his butler had other plans. As the Curious family approaches the mansion the gate opens even though there Is a lock on It and then the door opens without anyone opening it.

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As they go Inside they are asked to have dinner with the master, but when they finished dinner Ramsey the butler told them the rain has flooded the roads so they will have to stay there for the night. Ramsey shows the Veer’s there rooms, shortly after Jim and Sara get Into an argument, then Ramsey leads Jim to the library, where Jim discovers a hidden passage way in the wall. Meanwhile, Michael opens a jewelry box when all the sudden a mysterious glowing ball is behind him, so he and Megan follow it to the creepy attic where they meet two ghosts named Ezra and Emma.

While the ghosts are explaining to the kids about the picture that looks like there mom, Sara, Jim finds a crystal ball with the spirit of a gypsy named, Madame Lotto. The gypsy guides Jim to the door of the attic where Jim finds his kids and the two ghosts. Jim later goes back to the gypsy with his two kids and the ghosts and she explains to him he must find the key in the grave yard to open a trunk where he will later discover a letter written by Elizabeth saying she will marry Mr.. Grace, before she was poisoned by Ramsey. Sara went off to find her husband when she finds

Mr.. Grace slating In the library. Mr.. Grace offers to give Sara a tour of the house and tell her why he must get rid of the evil curse put upon the house. When Jim opens the case he is surprised when he turns around and sees Ramsey. Ramsey then throws the kids in a trunk and throws Jim out the window. Ramsey goes on to find Sara and Mr.. Grace in the hall way, Mr.. Grace then says “she does not remember me”, but Ramsey says just give her time and she will. Ramsey demands Sara to put on the old dress and meet him at the wedding or he will do something to the kids.

Meanwhile, Jim is outside when he finds Lotto. Lotto tells him to keep trying, so he gets in his car and smashes through the window. Jim hurry’s to find the kids. First he passes through the knights to get his kids then he rescues Sara right before she drinks the poison. Jim shows Mr.. Grace the letter and Ramsey goes off and makes the fireplace burn, pulling him into the fire trying to take Jim with him, but Mr.. Grace grabs Jims hand and rescues him. The evil curse Is lifted so Mr.. Grace and Elizabeth go to the sky along with the other ghosts.

What I liked about the clips was that they I thought something interesting was happening at all times. My favorite clips were at the beginning of the movie at their house and right when they got to the haunted mansion. I found those clips to be the most interesting and the funnier parts of the movie, but at the end of the movie were the most intense parts because you didn’t know what would happen next. There wasn’t a lot I didn’t like about the movie. I thought the movie was great to watch especially right before Halloween!

The only part that was boring was when we had to reattach what we watched the day before, UT other than that it was great! The Haunted mansion was a great movie because it was funny, scary and intense. The Haunted Mansion was a good movie to watch right around Halloween too. I thought the movie was funny in the beginning of the movie when they were Just going to the mansion, but there were a few scary parts in the middle of the movie when the butler and the master came out of nowhere. I think the intense parts came at the end of the movie because you didn’t know what was going to happen to the kids and to Sara.