After school on way back home during heavy rush traffic I let a car slip into traffic after who knows how long he must’ve waited for his turn. He looked with a happy face and waived a sign of “thank you,” non-verbal communication. I felt the person, due to his reaction, waited a while for his turn and was happy to help another person. 2. Wend’s by my house offers $0. 99 cents small frosty. If I go through the drive through, I will order a chocolate or vanilla one for the person behind me. They usually accept with a smile. This small act of kindness sparks my day each and every time. . Thursday Night my brother had dropped his $50 after lawn mowing neighbor’s yard while walking back home. I helped him retrace step to recover his lost hard earned money. After over half hour search, I learned that we wouldn’t find it so I handed him my own money to break his lost. I felt great helping my brother out and taught him to use it to buy a wallet. 4. Take nephews out for ice-cream or somewhere to eat and then the park. Then a few hours later take them back to their parents. That way the parents get a few hours of relaxation and the children get to have fun. 5.

Youngest brother was feeling sick and wish for some twixt candy bar. Went to local supermarket and bought him a whole party 12 pack. He woke from his nap and found his candy he wished with a big smile. Felt like a great supportive elder brother. 6. Say “Good morning” to a person standing next to you In the elevator. Individual looked up with a huge smile and replied, “Thank you, Good morning to you too kind sir. ” Felt a rush of Joy! 7. Paid my mom’s credit card bill for the month. Felt like a great son to my mother after I realized she was stressing out of her payment. 8. Took my sister to metro on way to school dally for couple of weeks.

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She was on an n-renewed license and felt It was elderly brother duty to take role. She was able to keep her work schedule and continue her first Internship. Felt this act would be remembered for years to come. 9. Stranger at cash checkout was short $0. 60 and was trying to buy his medication. I paid for It and felt I was saving stranger’s life because It seemed essential to health. 10. Helped a new friend by picking him up from PART transit station after a long day at work. He felt exhausted and didn’t want to walk 3 miles back home. I felt this act of kindness relived much fatigue from a new found friend.