He had no right to do what he did to me. Do you think you’re smart? Maybe you are… Probably you are not! For I am like Medusa. I can run circles around what you think is “smart. ” How could you ever challenge me? Your girls, your girls will also get I still can’t believe what he did. Dreaming, surely I to meet my sweet revenge. Ream now: I can still shake my hair down long and billowing like waves upon the sea, how tender I am, how fair I can see the reflection of water and shield and a man’s eyes, and this softer hair makes no difference I still turn a man to stone when e looks, even Just glances at me, the part of him that snakes inside me, a clinging of stone and my body weeps the sea, pours forth the thickest sea for what was my man who smells of brine as if he was my God Poseidon. But they took him from me. It’s not fair!

He chose me first, they all try to hurt me but I love my living hair these serpents whisper when men come close. Each strand with a split, spitting tongue hissing my desire for them. I shake my tresses down and they curl back up their black eyes flashing and my man cries out at my beauty and then his tongue, face, Hess, arms, thighs and his toad headed serpent all turn hard forever the clearing before my cave is thronged with them my admirers, but my hair Is my true love, rooted in my brain and gathered sleeping against my face muttering sibilant dreams of love.

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You had no right to do what you did to me. You stupid and pathetic man, I have become the shadow of Medusa and you thought you could challenge me, leave me and for that you got exactly what you deserved. Now It’s time to move on In my life, I don’t need a man, all I need Is my thoughts hissing Like a snake Into my ears keeping me all the company I need.