A baby Is born amongst the stars. This baby Is the grain of manhood In two men’s lives; or a man and an aliens. James, a human man, Incapable of making a child Is given his grain of manhood. A child born with his own features. Colander, an alien, is man enough to give up his son for the happiness of the woman who gave birth to the boy. The baby itself is the grain of manhood, and will be in two men’s hearts for the rest of his life. Part human part Envied, he gave two men hope and happiness.

There are at least three people on Extra besides us who know I am sterile. ” (page 200) A sterile man, in his own eyes, is not much off man. He is unable to give life, yet his wife Is pregnant. When Colander, the alien that impregnated his wife, allowed her to come back to earth, she did did not know that she would be helping her husband gain a little bit of his manhood back. Throughout this story, the two are constantly bickering; the man wants to know how his wife Is pregnant, and the wife wants to know why the husband cares so much.

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A virgin birth would have seemed more reasonable to you” (page 200) It is understandable why James is upset. He knows that this baby is not his, and when the baby is born, it would make him ashamed, because many people would know that is was not his baby. Some people may even think that his wife went to someone else, Just so she could be pregnant. A full frontal strike to his manhood. When the baby is born, the unexpected happened; the baby looked Just like him. “He was a complete replica of James, down to the last eat lock of dark hair on his forehead” (page 209).

In a sense, this baby gave James something that he thought he had lost; A last grain of manhood, because no one would question whether he was capable of having a child anymore. Colander, an alien from the planet Never. He Is a Novel, and Is capable of deciding how his children will look. ” All Envied parents have a choice in deciding before the child is born what form it will take – externally, not in the vital organs. ” (page 205). Though he is not a true “man”, he is capable of giving Ella what she wanted; A baby.

Colander helps Ella while she is living on his planet. He gives her food, shelter and protection. When Ella declared that she wanted to leave, he allowed her to; even though she was carrying her son. What Ella did not know thought, was that Colander decided to make his child look like James, and not himself. One would have to be a real man to let his only son go like that, and In the form of another being; a human. Even though Colander is not a man, he gains a “grain of manhood” by doing this.

He gains a grain of manhood by giving up his only son, for Lea’s peppiness. The baby, Colander;s only son, is now in the care of two humans. Though he is a Envied, and a human unable to create a child. He is the result off crashed ship, but in the end he means more to three people than he will ever know. He is probably the only child who is loved on Earth and on Never, though Colander would never admit it. This small gift of life ties two people together, who could have fallen apart, Ella and James. He will be their life from now on, this small grain of manhood.

The title relates to the story in three ways: through Colander, through James, and through the baby. Both Colander and James gain a grain of manhood back when the baby is born, therefore the baby acts as a grain of manhood to both men. James now has a baby with his features, and Colander was man enough to let Ella go back to Extra, even though she carried his child. This baby, part envied, now living on earth, kept two people together the moment he took his first breath. He was born amongst the stars, and will be remembered from Extra to Never, and across the universe.