I heard the loud, deadly screams of my sister from the upstairs bedroom. Her cries for my mother made my ears screech. Maybe she was having another nightmare, or maybe she wasn’t. As I found myself running upstairs alongside the rest of my siblings; we surrounded the perimeter of my sisters bed. I stood and watched as my mother and father rocked my sister back and forth consoling her, and trying to make her feel better. My father immediately accused me of doing something to her. As the only boy out of 5 sisters was always the target.

My father Jumped from the bed and rapped his extremely large hands around my throat and threatened to kill me. As my mother watched not saying a word, I began to cry and tried to explain to my father that I was not the cause of my baby sisters tears. As he began to grip tighter and tighter I looked out the small faint window of my sisters bedroom; a demonic looking women in a black dress pierced my eyes as she stood in the woods not making a single move or sound. It then occurred to me why my sister was crying. Later that night I laid in my bed with the door locked, the lights off, and the curtains closed.

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My bedroom unlike the others was in the basement. The only light that I would receive was from a tiny crawlspace window, but of course the curtain was always closed. The heavy metal music blasted my ears through my studio headphones. I let my mind wonder too dark place as I wondered what I had seen through that window. I was scared but at the same time I was curious. Who was that lady and why was she outside my house? Maybe it was an omen to something that was going to happen. I wanted to know who It was, and I wanted to know now. I could here my father in the kitchen as he began to pack his food for work.

Lucky for me he worked third shift at the factory so at least I got a good nights rest without having to worry about the fear of him strangling me in my sleep. The front door closed and he was on his way; so I thought. I began to get dressed and I put on my thin black sweater, my levis skinny jeans, and my converse all stars. I thought to myself that going outside could possibly suicidal, but I didn’t care. My life didn’t matter to me anymore after the first time that my father had beaten me In 6th grade for getting cut from the baseball team. He was a hateful person to me only. UT I was use to it.

I grabbed a flashlight and my air soft gun, walked up stairs quietly, opened the front door, and locked it behind me; and began making my way to the woods. As I walked over to the spot from where I had remembered seeing the woman, I started to feel a cold chill run down my spine. The feeling of being followed sunk in, and I began to get cold. I found my self constantly looking back over my shoulder for anything or anyone who could potentially be out here with me that I may not know of. Squinted my Asian looking eyes to see two shinning dots In the distance. They began to get brighter and brighter as I got closer.

I squinted just a little bit more only to find that the lights were two shining eyeballs from the women I had seen out the 1 OFF black apparel on the cloudy pitch dark spring night. Not a sound was made as the stare down continued. It was so quiet a leaf falling from a tree could be heard, and black ants crawling in the dirt sounded like a Parade marching. Her demonic face did scare me a little, but not enough to leave. I screamed to her “Who are you” in a soft but direct voice. She began to make noises as if she was crying. Strangely I found my legs and feet moving toward her to find the reason for her tears and presence in my yard.

As I got closer she sprung up: screamed in a terrifying exorcist voice, and screamed “Run”. I blinked for a second, and she was gone. I stood there trying to comprehend what had Just happened. I screamed for her to comeback because I needed to know who she was. I was suddenly struck in the head by a large fist and I fell to the ground. My eyes began to get unbarred as I sat up and realized it was my father who had hit me. In a loud voice he screamed muff dumdums! Your ruining my lawn, what the hell are you doing out here so late anyway;says”.

As I was still trying to regain consciousness, I felt him grab me with one hand by my ankle and begin to drag me inside. I heard him call for my mother, and he was telling her of what a worthless piece of trash I was and that I was retarded for being outside this late. I looked over to the kitchen only to see my fathers lunch bag sitting on the counter; it then occurred to me why he had come back home. My mother in a straight but firm voice looked at me as she stood in her night gown and said “what the hell were you thinking”. I told her the truth why I was out there.

It appeared strange to me that she actually believed me. She looked over at my father and said “Bill, its time”. He responded to her by saying, “its about time this retard knew’ of course, I was confused. She looked deep into my eyes as I looked into hers. “Son” she said, ” June 25,1997 a baby in a basket appeared on our doorstep. It was a day old baby wrapped in very little cloths, Asian type looking eyes, dark hair, medium tanned skinned and very thin; that baby was you” She began explaining to me how my real father had left me there tit a note in the basket saying my real mother had died giving birth to me.

He also explained that he could not afford to take care of me and even if he could, he wouldn’t have because I was a hideous baby. I knew at that moment I wasn’t loved anywhere. My current mother began to tell me that she only kept me because the government promised her social security checks each month if she kept me. I looked at her as I began to cry and I said, “Even though I am Just another check, thank you for taking care of me”. I quickly hugged her and let her go before she had a chance to ay anything. I walked over to Bill my so called father and said “Thanks for taking me in dad” and I began to hug him.

He wrapped his arms around me but didn’t hug me. He grabbed me by my shirt: ripped it off, punched, slapped, and scratched me on my chest, then grabbed me by the head and slammed me to the ground. He walked over to his wife, gave her a hug and kiss and said “Tell my real daughters that I love them, and have a goodnight”. He walked over to the door and yelled at me from a distance in a loud clear voice “Thanks for making me late you idiot” and slammed the door Enid him. The living room and Bill had actually knocked me out for a whole 24 hours.

It was a Sunday and everyone even Bill was home sleeping. With all of my willpower I stood up and began walking to my room. The house was dark, I was crying, my head was bleeding and I could barley walk. Before I reached the staircase I looked down through the narrow walls. I saw the woman in black standing down there looking at me. Once again I looked into her bright eyes and said, “Help me please, I know it is you, you’re my real mother! , not the women sleeping next to Bill right now, Please tell e what to do? ” She pointed to the second step where the keys to the gun case magically appeared.

She looked at me as she pointed and shook her head up and down, I knew what she was trying to say and I didn’t hesitate to grab the keys. I limped to the garage still in pain, bleeding from my head, and unlocked the safe to grab Bills 410 gauge shot gun. The floors creaked as I made my way down the hallway where my all my sisters rooms were. I had only packed three bullets and they weren’t for neither of my sisters. Instead, I locked every single one of them in there moms so they could sit and cry as they hear gunshots come from there own home.

I walked over to my “Parents” room. I duct taped my foster mother to a chair where she had fell asleep on. I creped quietly over to the bed where Bill was laying , put the gun to his mouth and shot him for all the hurtful things he has said to me. 2 bullets remained as my foster mother screamed herself awake; I could here all of my sisters crying and screaming as the first shot went off. I walked over to the chair, pointed the gun at her heart, and shot her for pretending to love me. One bullet remained and I new what had to be done.

I walked outside to the spot where I had first seen who was actually my real mother. I stood straight and looked around and in the woods, there my real mother stood, staring, watching and waiting. I pointed the 410 gauge shot gun to my head and put an end to my messed up life story. I held my mothers hand in the depths of hell. We walked together as she began to say how much she missed me. She walked me over to the castle and into the dark room where the master was. As we both looked into the eyes of the devil, he looked at me and said inform going to be my favorite demon”.