Actually, I know all of that manners in the video. I think I already used use all of that in my daily life. Like Say hello or good mooring to the bus driver when I enter the bus or always check back when I go though a door. I find out I like to hear thank you, when I hold the door for some one. Maybe the reason is I can’t hear a lot of thanks in China. Cause we don’t used to hold the door for some one. Even I hold the door for some one in China, they still not goanna say thank you to me.

A ward “thanks” is not that hard to say, but people Just don’t want o say that, maybe they are shy or think hold a door is not a big deal, but the ward “thanks” is truly useful, so do the ward “sorry’. When you step on somebody foot, he may angry about that, but after you say sorry, he may even feel guileful for you. That is the magic of “thanks” and “sorry. Let me say a example of personal space. I don’t know if you been to the Empire building or not. But I can say that is the most magnificent building I have ever seen. So no mater the time is, the Empire building is always crowded especially Christmas.

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Is also really cold that time in NY. I was waiting in the line for three hours. In this time no body cut the line. Every Just walk to the end of the line. When we get into the elevator, a woman said: ” leave some personal space BRB!!! ” I suddenly find out, I was standing to close to her. I don’t realize some body will feel uncomfortable when somebody stand too close to them. Even in a crowed elevator, every one try their best leave others personal space. A good manner can effect a lot of things, and to achieve that Is very sample. So why don’t we learn to use hose manners? Correct, we don’t keep enough distance when we are talking to some one In China, and nobody feels Your uncomfortable with that. So finally we used to It. But to leave an enough distance when talking to someone Is really necessary. Not only can let that person feels comfortable, but also you will have a good Impress on that person ! Are really helpful when we get In to a new social environment or make new friends. When you Manners smile to someone, your first Impress will be really good, then other people will Like to get In touch with you.