There are many good deeds which I have performed and am very proud of. I will now discuss a few of them. One of the greatest deeds I did was to visit my sick grandmother in the hospital, although I had a long school day and was very tired. Even though I was only eight years old, I would visit her for five to six hours a day. I did this despite the fact she had no clue that I was even there. Even though my friends invited me to stay overnight while she was sick, I refused. All I could think bout was being with her.

A short time afterwards, my grandmother was transferred to a rehabilitation center near my school. On the Sabbath and Passover I walked a mile each way Just to visit her. I did this on Friday nights too. I am very proud of this since it shows how much I truly care about and love my grandmother. Even though I was still quite young, I really appreciated my grandmother and understood all she had done for me. In addition, I also visited other people in the nursing home, which dad them quite happy and improved their spirits.

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These were some of my grandmother’s friends, and it made her proud that I made them happy. This was especially rewarding since some of them did not make It and It was their last chance to be happy. Another special deed was helping out my aunt when she pulled a back muscle. Her pain was so unbearable that she was unable to cook or keep my seven-year old cousin entertained. Although I cannot cook, I took care of my cousin by playing with him and taking him out for long walks.

Indeed, we all pitched In to help her. I take pride in this since now I could finally show my aunt, with actions and not Just words, how much I appreciate everything she does for me. Besides these positive deeds, another dally deed Is helping students In my class with homework, schoolwork and studying for tests. This deed helps me to reduce my selfishness and be generous and helpful. As I have clearly proved, these good deeds and the rest of my deeds make me feel very content with myself.