There are many traits that a boss needs; like communication, respect and mentoring. These traits and others will decide whether you are a good boss or bad. It will depends on how one looks at it, are you an employee or a boss. Bosses will come and go, however the good ones will always stand out from the bad ones. At the same time, ironically, it’s easy to spot both extremes, good and bad. Everyone has a difference of opinion on what makes a good boss. I have worked for several bosses and the good ones outweigh the bad. When treated with respect and understanding an employee feels good about the Job they are doing. D the boss. Communication and respect are important keys to any relationship, and the relationship between a boss and an employee is no exception. Because employees are the backbone of any business, a bad employee can negatively impact a business. Good bosses teach, train, and listen to their employees when they make suggestions, as they come from personal experience with customers or with a work situation that they have found that needs attention. Communication is key in a manager and employee relationship, understanding each other is key, questions need to be asked if needed to make sure everyone is on the same page.

An employee’s perspective differs from the perspective of a boss, therefore meaningful discussion between both parties can bring positive changes and this will promote on a dialog of both parties about expectations and working procedures together. On the other hand, a bad boss refuses to listen to employee viewpoints says or says “that will not work; you will do it my way. ” This type of message is unproductive and negative and often the employee feels that they do not matter, thus straining and putting stress on the relationship.

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Good bosses are understanding and reasonable always ready and willing to take time to listen their employees. Since perspectives vary, it Is vital that each person seek understanding and Intentionally listen to what their peers are saying. Should boss desire things be completed In a certain way, It Is Important for the employee to understand why. When a person makes a mistake and owns up to it a good boss will listen and seek to understand why the mistake was made and take steps with the employee, so that next time the employee know what to do and corrections are made.

A bad boss wants things done their way without explanations and this mind set can lead to resentment and confusion In the employee. There are always good ways to handle a situation and ailing In front of other people Is not the best way to handle a bad situation. Opinions are to be accepted with the knowledge that someone else just might have a good idea if you listen and ask questions about it, instead of saying “it’s not good or not the way I want it. ” A good boss should be a mentor who leads with understanding and support, never asking an employee do something they would not do themselves.

For example, an owner of a restaurant cannot explain to their the employees will gain the respect, admiration and support of their employees. Seeing this in action is powerful and can cement relationships and employee loyalty. You need to lead with examples not Just say you want it done this way or no way. Poor communication from an employer shows disrespect and without respect on both employee and boss nothing can be accomplished. A smart boss knows how to speak to a person, not at them.

An example of poor communication is when a boss tells the employee; “we are expecting a package today,” however, the boss neglected to leave the check for the COD payment with the employee, normal procedure is to have the driver come back as no check was written, then when employee tells the boss the package will be delivered he next day, they yell that is not what they wanted; the need the product and get it back as fast as you can, make it happen and when the employee cannot they are called out on it and made to feel dumb.

Listening to the worker with suggestions Just might make a better work environment. When there is something to be critiqued it should be private and should never be done in front of a customer and should never be discussed later behind the employees back with customers. A bad boss will embarrass and shame the employee in front of others, making not only them employee uncomfortable but also the customer.

This behavior shows poor leadership to all concerned; respect is the most important aspect of any working relationship. When clients or customers make appointments it is always to the company’s advantage to have the boss there on time to do the Job, not depend on your employees to do the work then, tell them in front of the client their work was unsatisfactory; that is not only rude to that employee, but also it is telling the customers that boss does not respect anyone.

Without clear cut directions and cooperation there will not able to be a good working relationship what do you have, strangers working in an office without communication. Understanding and providing a clear picture of how a Job should be done, a quality that is most important without it you have nothing. Bosses need to know what is important and not. Not everything that is important to them is important to the employee.

Not all employees are married to their Jobs but do want to put in a good day at work. An equal balance is sometimes hard to achieve but if both work at it will come. We learn from experience, examples and discussions how a workplace should be and how important communication is. Without cooperation and communication a workplace cannot evolve into a stress free environment so your company can grow. Without growth your company is doomed from the start.

There needs to be clear cut expectations from the start, an employee needs to know what and how to do react in any given situation and if there is a change it should be noted and explained. We all learn from our mistakes and hope with time everyone will understand that a workplace should be free of abnormal stress and get along. Without respect between employee and boss there will never be a good relationship. Within an office there needs to be rules that both parties can live with and without them the business will not work.