Ghosts Of Children? Top of Form Bottom of Form I would Like to share my experience and get your pollens If possible! Basically I used to live In KOKI Klan on an old house and when I was about 13 1 started to wake In the middle of the night, always in the early hours (from what I remember it was always between lam and am). This only happened about once a month, maybe less. But what woke me up was the sound of bikes outside my window on the street. I would hear the whoosh of the wheels as they turned and the bells going. I also heard laughter, like that of very young children.

Considering the time it was I was always a bit surprised and confused that there were kids playing outside! In the beginning I would Just drift off back to sleep but when it started happening more often I would get up to look out the window and Just as I was about to look around the curtain I would hear a young boys voice say “we have to go now’ and sure enough when I looked out, literally a second after hearing this, there was nothing there. Strangely enough I was never scared while this was going on, Just confused. I never told anyone as I Just put It down to Blvd dreams.

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That Is until I overheard my mum telling her reined the exact same thing one day. She was sat in our kitchen with her friend and I walked past while she was telling her. I burst in and said I was hearing the exact same thing. However she admitted she never heard anyone speak but said she never looked out the window either and I only ever heard the young boy speak when I went to look outside. Basically we both thought it was really strange but that was the end of it. To this day (and this was over 15 years ago) I still think of it and Just lately I wanted to see if anyone else had ever experienced anything like this?

Like I said this as an old house in KOKI Klan and the voices were English so my mum doesn’t think it could be the ghosts of German children from years earlier. She did say It could be some kind of time lapse thing?!? I’m Just really Intrigued by It, any thoughts? Thanks for reading! Real Indian Ghost Story with Pictures – uncle Versa and the Haunted Road Hi friend, I myself strongly believe in ghosts and spirits and I do believe in God too. The story I am going to tell you today is not my experience but I have heard this story from my friend and seriously after listening to this, I got goose bumps and chills so that is why

I am sharing this story with you. Now read on carefully. This story is of Mr.. Versa (my friend’s uncle) whom I do not know personally and this story is 9–10 years old. At that time, Mr.. Versa was a government officer and was living In a small village In Himalaya Pradesh In India with his family. HIS office was 10–12 kilometers away from his home and he used to travel by his bike. It was the month of March and you all know that it is a closing time of old financial year and opening of new financial year, was around 1 1. 30 in the night when he came out of the office and it was raining vilely.

Uncle always used to travel by highway but that day, he wanted to take a shortcut because it was raining and he wanted to reach home as soon as possible. That shortcut was a kind of haunted road but he thought that nothing will happen and these all are Just rumors and nothing else. It was a chilling windy night and rain on top of that. The trees were shaking due to the force of wind and were making horrible noises. Uncle was frightened, shivering with cold, and started chanting Sir Human Challis (an Indian holy song) and safely traveled some kilometers.

After ravening some more kilometers, he forgot that he was frightened and noticed that it is Just about to be morning as darkness was getting off. He thought that now he is safe as it is going to be morning but suddenly he looked at his watch and noticed that it was 12. 45 am. He said “Oh god how come it is 12. 45 a. M. Right now as I thought that daylight is Just about to come”. Then he noticed that it was not going to be morning but it was moonlight that was confusing him with daylight and then he relaxed and sped up his bike.

After approximately 10 minutes of driving, he noticed a dad on the right side of the road asking for a lift. At first, he thought that she is in real need and then suddenly something struck his mind and he again sped up his bike. Then again after driving for 5 minutes, he saw the same lady asking for the lift. Mr.. Versa said “Oh My God how come she is here, as she was around half a kilometer back”. Uncle’s body started shaking with fear and he Just forgot about God and thought that this is something unusual. He again sped up his bike, as he wanted to reach home as soon as possible before anything bad happens to him.