Party Scene Paragraph Gatsby infamous parties are known for their extravagance and whimsicalness, yet all the happiness and laughter is not enough to block out the empty and over- indulgent lives of the rich. There is a lot of mingling among the rich at Gatsby parties, giving heed to “enthusiastic meetings between women who never knew each others’ names”(40). While these encounters appear to be very friendly and casual, they are very superficial, as there is no real connection between these people and they are all Just conversing for show. Moreover, the party atmosphere can be scribed as full of “happy, vacuous bursts of laughter”(46).

Similar to the meetings of the women, on the surface the guests’ faces appear to be happy, whereas underneath the empty and airy tone of laughter suggests that their happiness is meaningless. Also, the party seems to be an illusion itself, with “colored lights” (40) and “float[inning]” (40) cocktail trays. The movement of the cocktails is much like the movement of the party-ethereal and carefree. Everyone Is enjoying themselves and having a good time, yet their actions seem lost and suspended in the air, hinting that he guests actually lead lives with no direction amid the flash and glamour.

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Furthermore, as the party dies down most of the remaining women were now “having fights with men said to be their husbands” (51). In contrast with the earlier chatter and laughter, the closing of the “show” reveals that things are not as carefree and joyful as they seem, and that people pretend to be happy and they party In an effort to forget about the dismal reality of their lives. Fitzgerald reveals that despite all the glamour and class, the rich actually lead meaningless and excessive lives.