If life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life then lets get wasted and have the time of our lives Good evening everyone and a very warm welcome to all those new pretty faces. I feel deeply obliged having the opportunity to address our juniors. You guys are starting for a journey that we Just have completed but life…. Life is an endless Journey it has no end , but milestones definitely yes milestones And completing your graduation from this college will certainly be a memorable milestone .

So fasten up your shoe laces and buckle up your belts for the Journey ahead , cause the best part of your life Is walling for you . I must introduce you to our college our college the EKE is one of the best engineering colleges in India , the motto of our college is creating global players by global players I mean that the Sickens stand apart from the global crowd . No matter how tiny are the sparks of victory but Sickens know how to fan those sparks to flames .

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So feel proud to be a part of this great Institution . And talking of studies teachers here are eager to give the most they can . I would like to quote abbot Lawrence here There is a lot of knowledge in universities cause fresher’s bring a little in and seniors don’t take much away So knowledge sort of accumulates. The college is offering all It has , but it depends on how much you can take of it .

I would now Like to make you aware of the three most basic rules of our college- 1 . Do It today or It could be Illegal tomorrow. 2 -Certain things merely happen and uncertain things are certain to happen, expect Make sure you follow all these rules and you will certainly have a great time here. So I on behalf of the all the seniors would like to welcome you to the EKE . I hope you have the time of your lives .