‘But your not what I thought it would be, I thought I was making an angel l’ were the first words I heard when I came to life. He doesn’t think I’m an angel, well if he doesn’t think I’m good enough to be his angel then so be it. Nobody will be able to judge me, pick on me when I run away, far away Into the deepest depths of the forest where the wolves attack. As I ran up to the small house, when I heard her voice she sounded so sweet, she was so sweet. She was the first person who actually cared for me, who actually talked to me without trying to kill me. She believed I was good, then he came and hurt me.

He Hough I was nothing, that I had no feelings but little did he know I would destroy the whole town. He didn’t even let me talk, he Just took one look at me and thought I was bad, that I would hurt people but as soon as he shot me I changed. I no longer was the creature that tried to love and be loved by all, no I was the creature that people would fear mostly I would care for no one, as they didn’t care about me. They turned me bad, they turned me evil I would get revenge, I would get revenge for the very first words I heard. I didn’t think about anything at that moment, I only thought about what I was about to do.

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When I saw him playing he seemed so peaceful but they are all the same, they all think the same. It was the very first time I laughed. It felt good to finally get revenge on frankincense, to destroy his world like he destroyed mine. The day finally came, the day that Frankincense fears most. The day when I killed his brother was the day he promised he would make me a partner. That day 2 years ago was the first time I acted like a human being and I did it out of all of the rage and anger that had been building up inside of me. I would finally feel complete once she comes alive, once I can finally hold her in my arms.