You probably cannot read this, in that chances I will never ever hate you. I’m probably writing this for myself u know for therapeutic reasons. I guess I just say this stuff to forget you for a while. It’s September 1st today that means It would been a 4 years and 6 months anniversary and I always keep complaining that for last 15 momentary you never ever visit me and celebrate those days.

I know you probably roll your eyes If you can read this. I’m ware that It has been over a year since you left me, 1 year and 3 months and 16 days exactly. I think right now, I can’t flash the process u know and I can’t finally accept the fact that you will never coming back, ever. I’m doing okay right Just making those day to day stuff reading books and sometimes watching T. V. Did you ever remember those memories when we are child, you’re my childhood friend, crush and a lover.

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I wish we stayed forever young so till now your with me, living in simplicity ND we’re inseparable. I didn’t even bother myself to watch movies in cinema, and mailing ever. I just remember the day that you left me alone, forever. I know it’s my fault, I keep blaming myself for what just happen to you. People always say, “You can find someone else”, there are plenty more fishes in the sea. You know what I feel like a freaking fish in a bucket. Nowadays, your quite far away with your new life and home.

I wonder if you remember me sometimes. I wish you can talk to me and say some memories that you still remember, cause you know what I’m not doing well.