This change Is from a surgery that he had to make him extremely smart. He wanted the surgery especially to get more friends. He felt that If he was very smart he would gain much more friends. This surgery was a successful for a period of time. It began to wear off a few months after he had It. At the end of the book, Charlie knew things that he didn’t know before. He did intellectually At the beginning and end of the book, he was two different people.

Also, this ending seemed quite glum and tragic. One way that Charlie has changed from the beginning to the end of the book his ability to remember things increased. At the beginning of the book his memory was not very good at all. At the beginning of the book he said, “His name is Burt. I forgot his last name because I don’t remember so good. ” At the end of the book, when the surgery had worn off, he could remember things more easily. He knew he had done something great for science, but he Just couldn’t remember exactly what he had done.

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But, he said, “Then all of a sudden I remembered some things about the operation and me getting smart and I said holy smokes I rely pulled a Charlie Gordon that time. ” He also remembered Algerian, and that Algerian had died. Not only could Charlie remember better, but he also had an increase in knowledge from the beginning of the book. Another way that Charlie has changed from the beginning of the book to the end, is that he also had an increase in intelligence. Charlie could think for himself better that he could before.

He realized that the bakery was not the place for him to be. He also realized that the Warren State Training School was a better place for him rather than the Warren Home school. Charlie could also feel emotions more than he could before. These were all signs that his Intelligence had Increased. In the book, Charlie said, “I know everybody feels sorry for me at the bakery and I don’t want the theater so Im going someplace where they are a lot of pull like me and nobody cares that Charlie Gordon was once a genus and now he can’t even reed a book or rite good. You can also tell that Charlie can feel emotions better because he said, “That’s not true but. I still love her and I still want to be smart but I had to say that so she wood go away. ” He can think for himself much better than before the surgery. Even though al of these good things have happened, I believe that the ending was very tragic. Charlie had some good, and maybe even great, things happen to him after the surgery had worn off, but still think that the ending of this book is quite tragic.

I think this because he said that, “… L still want to be smart… ” Many people are still mean to him too. HIS one true love Is heartbroken now. He still loves her too, but he knows It won’t really work. I don’t think that Charlie Is happier than before the surgery, because he knows what it was like to be really smart, and then he had it Hough Charlie will be happy, I don’t think he is better off there.

All of these reasons are why I think Charlie is a different person from the beginning to the end of the book and that the ending is sad. Charlie is different because he can remember more things, and he is more intelligent. This ending is tragic because Charlie still wants to be smart, and he is put in a place where he is not better rather than being at the Warren Home school. Overall, this was a good and exciting book. I got hooked on this book very early on. I would definitely recommend this book for someone.