Love Is an Intense feeling of affection towards someone that arises from a recognition of attractive qualities in that person. Love can increase so suddenly, spreading a feeling of warm and happiness giving you a glow through every inch of that person. In my own case it was a bitter sweet experience. It all started back home In Africa when my mum sent me to the grounders shop to ground pepper so she can cook dinner. Most people in Africa prefer going to a grounders shop to ground their pepper because it comes out very smooth rather than using a blender.

So on my way home, a guy walked up to me looking so dirty and couldn’t speak a good English and he said “hey you what be your name? ” angrily I turned back and told him to go home and meet his mama that she must be looking for him, and he should go back to school to learn how to speak a good English. Few seconds later, a guy walked up to me and said “before you send me home to my mama am Ray and I just graduated high school and I will like to know you better. ” I turned and looked at him and I realized he was deferent from the previous guy he looks so handsome and tall.

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Then, he asked if I could see him the next day, and of course I said yes, but I told him to knock very quietly so my mum wont suspect. I went home that night with a big smile on my face and I knew I was in love. The next day he came and knocked quietly and Immediately I dropped all what I was doing and I sneaked out to go see him. We had a regular meeting place in an uncompleted building because he couldn’t afford a restaurant. Then one night I asked him to write a letter to me he picked up his pen and wrote “hey love it’s ray doing this writing, as tater concerns.

Well much cannot be said now, but I promise never to break your heart, have fallen too deep down In love with you, you are all I care for now and no one else. “He warned me not to open the letter until I get home. I was so eager that night to get home and read his letter to me. One morning, he knocked quietly as usual and said “he was going” I saw him with traveling bags and I asked him where he was going. My mum noticed I was talking to someone at the gate and she started walking towards the gate and asking me who was there.

Ray saw my mum, out of fear he left without giving me an answer. From then on everything changed my happy and smiling face became sad, I couldn’t concentrate in class, all I was thinking about was ray, I almost cried my eyeballs out. I felt emptiness Inside of me, I read his letter over and over again with tears rolling down my eyes. Out of anger and heart break I tore the letter, but the words in the letter remained in my head. I picked up the remaining pieces of myself and I moved on.

Years passed, I graduated high school then on a faithful day e showed up and said he wanted to see me. But this time It wasn’t In an uncompleted building it was in a restaurant. He explained the reason for his urgent travel, he then said we should continue our relationship from where we stopped. I turned him down because I wasn’t attracted to him anymore his appearance has changed he sagged his trousers five Inches from his waist with tattoos all over his 1 OFF never set my eyes on him again. Though the relationship lasted for six months, but it was the best times of my life.