Once you get to this step you have some experience under your belt and have the basic foundation and the will to change Is already there. This is greatly You can now decide If a certain style or the way fits In with your idea of how you would like to become, if it fits you keep it, if not you let it gold Sounds simple yet it is very tricky and hard to implement, never fear you will get the knack of how all this fits into the walking stage and how you truly control your own destiny and move at the pace that best suits your needs at this present moment.

Now some of the things that are common in the walking stage. You will start to think what is best for your future and how it fits into your new plans. You are making progress so don’t be so hard on yourself you can get to that magical place we call the “The Perfect you” and then you can show others how you got there and this brings great joy and happiness to your soul! This is what we are all after! Making new friends that fit in to your new plans. The new way of life, that is now changing before your eyes. New ideas that you can build your future with and really make things append in your life.

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The ideas will start to flow and you will find ways to have things you always wanted and do things you have always wanted to do! You are changing before your own eyes and this is a wonderful experience. Yes, there will be set backs and that is to be expected. They will get further and Thither in between. Build on the positive things focus on all the progress you have made. Now think back at where you have come from and where you are going. In the walking stage you are going to face many changes and change can be good if they are planed out and fit Into your plans or the future.

Your future is truly unlimited and you can be and do any thing that you choose! Now don’t set your goals too low as your potential Is really unlimited and setting goals too low is a common error that many make, too often! Now let’s move on to the next step, running! This Is the Doing stage, and you will know when you get to this stage, as your life will be changing all around you! You will no longer be standing still, things will be changing at the speed of light and that’s K. As long as the pictures, you are creating fits Into your picture of the “Perfect You.

Then don’t sweat It, It shall be K. If these changes are coming to fast and furious, then slow down! That’s K too. You and you alone are In control. The speed at which you are growing and molding yourself will vary from person to person and that’s K keep the faith move at the pace that suits you in this running stage and this is the last and most fulfilling stage in your Journey, as you will see the most growth of any stage! Sit back and take a deep breath, as you have made it a long way and now you should be a roomer shell of the person that was in that crawling stage!

This is K, as long as it fits the plan that you have been following in “Building the Perfect you. ” Now you can show others your style, and how you got to the point that you are at so fast! You are a success and people will want too here your story, and they will want to know how you got to the point you are at! Let them know, go ahead you deserve it. You are a winner and others need to know how you came to the point that you are now! Sit back and just, (Smile! ) You made it! Now let’s move on!