Father’s advice Times in life essay “A father Is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be, A father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be” (Frank Howard Clark). There are times in a young man’s life when he needs advice. When I needed that advice, turned to my Dad. He always seems to know what to do in every situation, and because of that, I will go up to my Dad and ask him about anything. My Dad will attempt to do what he can for me to the best of his abilities. One of the ways he does this is by providing me with excellent life advice.

Some of the best he gave is telling me that “Life ahead is too uncertain, so always follow your morals, and stay true to who you are even though outside forces are working against you. Live life with a smile on your face. ” Every day has a new challenge; the outcome has to do how people face that challenge. There are times in my life that I really rely on the advice my dad gives me. Without it, I would not have the drive I have now. There was one time where I had no Idea what to tell to the bully when he was being a buttered. Ride to Ignore him, but it wasn’t working. So one day I go to my dad and say, “Dad there is a guy on my baseball team that is being a buttered and I don’t know how to explain to him, that he is being a buttered without being one in return. ” My Dad turned to me and said, “Son there Is no way around being a buttered In life so Just tell him he Is and move on. ” That taught me to quit thinking about how not to offend someone because I will spend more time of trying to figure out how not too then I actually would by saying it. M more able to be the person I want to be because I am strait forward with my friends. This advice has helped me make Important decision In life. For example, I was having a difficult time with baseball. I was getting teased and made fun of. This made me want to quit baseball all together. So, one day, I decided to tell the coach I Just can’t play baseball any more, but then I remembered that I wouldn’t be any happier If quit the sport that I love. I decided that If I couldn’t prove that It TLD affect me then it would continue on even if I did quit.

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I kept pushing and pushing until one day the bullying and teasing finally stopped. I realized that I wouldn’t be the same person m now if I would have given up. Another example of how being who I am has helped me Is when I wanted to get stronger. I started to work out twice a week. Lifting weights, running or something to help make me stronger I would go until it got hard then quit. Two weeks went by of doing the same routine over and over and I wasn’t seeing any results. So I started to push myself harder thinking maybe I’m not working out enough.

Then, I started to work out four days a week. I would lift weights every other day and do cardiac on the other two days. Again I went till it got hard and quit. Three weeks pasted and still no results. I couldn’t figure it out till I remembered my 1 OFF got hard then I quit. To get what I wanted I had to keep going till I could not go anymore. I started to do this sure it was hard sure I wanted to quit but I pushed on till I collapsed. I repeated this day in and day out. I started to feel like I was getting stronger yet I didn’t give up.

Every day I am faced with choices about what I want to do with my life or of what is right and wrong. The advice that I have been given has helped me make those choices to the best of my abilities and to the best outcome that I can affect. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the influence that people have had on me trough out my life so far. I know I’m not perfect and I probably never will be perfect no matter how much I try. However, I know that if I follow the advice I have been given and the morals that have been instilled inside of me since I was a kid.

I know I will turn out all right. I hope that I am going to be the person to my future kids that my dad is to me. I don’t think that I can thank my dad enough for the thing that he has done for me. I know life will be a huge ride full of twist and turn and ups and downs, UT I think it is better to learn from ones mistakes than to keep making them over and over. When I make a mistake I always think of the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. ” I will listen to advice every time it is offered.

I don’t have to follow the advice but I will definably remember what is said to me on the topic. I have asked how he knows all of this and is able to give me advice the way you do. He always turns to me and says,” Well son I have made the same mistakes that you have and more but I know that your son will probably make the same mistake that you did. That is what helps make you a man and what will help you make decisions later in life. I want you to remember, son, that dads don’t Just love their sons every now and then.

Fathers love their sons without amen. ” He told me this when I was twelve and to this day as I start to think about having kids, that advice always comes to mind. Life’s lesson will come and go, but I have to face each one with a smile on my face and spring in your step. Otherwise, I will not enjoy life the way that God meant for me to. I once heard an old man say “Live life to the fullest it’s not like you are going to get out of it alive. I think that rings true for all people you are born and you die that is the only two certainties in life.

I am going to live my life to the fullest that I can. While remembering my true self and the morals that I have been taught is right. What other people do with their life is their choice, but I won’t let them stop me from what makes me happy or let them threaten my family. That is just not who I am or the person I want to be.