Farewell Party It is normally said that the prime time in the life of anyone is the time that he spends in school. This is, undoubtedly, golden age, which he recollects sentimentally for the rest of his life. And this golden era came to an end on 2nd February 2012, which happened to be my last day at school. It was the time to leave my school forever, where I had spent past ten years of my life. The farewell took place in a huge hall, jazzed up with strips of multi-colored paper, balloons and gaudy lights.

The seats were organized in an arc. There were chairs for faculty and other inmates of the school. Though there was an aura of euphoria and exhilaration, yet it was tinged with an air of misery and despair. All students were dressed formally. In the span of a decade, this was the first instance that I wasn’t wearing my school uniform. Though sad, but feeling excited, we all occupied our seats and the function started. On the onset, there was the ceremony of lighting the lamp which was initiated by the

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Headmaster of our school. Then the Juniors hosted a party in our privilege. It included tempting and delicious dishes and refreshments. After the party, different entertaining programs were held for our delight by the hosts. Finally, we took the stage to express our feelings about the school and our experience of studying here while other students and faculty members were served with appetizer and snacks. Along with the delicacies, tea was also offered.

Afterwards, the Principal and the teachers delivered their speeches In English and Urdu. They commended us that we should keep the name and stature of our school. They advised us that we should never forget our alma mater. Finally they all wished us a successful life. Then we took a group photograph with our Juniors and then our faculty members. Afterwards we took autographs of our beloved teachers. At the end, we said goodbye to each other hoping to meet again.