The fame is a person’s reputation, which can be a good one or a bad one. But fame also means celebrity and definitely the first words refer to this type of fame. In my opinion, the fame is something that everyone wants because that means a lot of money, comfort, luxury, highlight, respect and admiration, but I think everything has its own price. First of all, celebrity doesn’t provide happiness and love. Unfortunately, it occupies many times the most important place In our existence and then we will certainly overlook the feelings that those who don’t aspire to fame have, namely happiness and love.

Secondly, when we are famous, we have no time left for friends, family, relaxation, for the Joy of simple things. Also, another Important Issue Is to keep ourselves famous, If we really want It. If we become notorious because we won a big prize or because we had a beautiful song that was broadcasted on the radio, the we will have to go on with our work. To sum up, I think the only conclusion Is that the fame has Its own good and bad parts. We can win on one side, but we can lose on other side, everything depends on what we wish for and we have to think more and be careful before making a wish.

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