Talking about a basketball tournament: “l wanted to win badly. I knew I was going Into the army, but for me that was a kind of defeat. My plans, maybe Just my dreams really, had been to go to college and to write like James Baldwin. All the other guys in the neighborhood thought I was going to college. I wasn’t, and the army was the place I was going to get away from all the questions. I wanted to win that tournament, to walk away from the streets I had been raised in with my head high, a winner. ” This part of the story appeals to me because I can relate to Archie.

I also play basketball and have felt this same way about a tournament many times. My plans, and dreams, are to go to college and possibly be a writer. I have been told I am an excellent writer if I put my mind to it. A lot of my friends and teammates think I am going to college Just like Archie. I might not be going Into the army but I do want to get away from all the questions and drama. I have always wanted to win, no matter what I am playing, or doing. I will always walk with my head held high, hopefully as a winner.

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This part In the story tells us about he mall character, Richer Perry, and how he decided to go Into the army. 2. To me, Riches most difficult choice was joining the army in the first place. Yea, he was coming from a rough family with not a lot of money but he, at first, wanted to go to college and move on to bigger and better things. There was a way for him though to go to college. Archie wanted to be a writer so if he doesn’t decide to Join the army, in a few years he could be a famous writer. He also played basketball. He could have earned a basketball scholarship and move to higher levels of the game.

Maybe the army wasn’t the best choice for Archie, but maybe going to college or staying home in that rough neighborhood wouldn’t be a good one either. I believe he had many tough decisions but this was his toughest. 3. Physically – Richer Is In pretty bad shape at the end of the book. He Is a hero but he Is heavily wounded. He had a tough battle at the end of the book where he was shot a few times but kept going on to save his squad members. Emotionally – He has changed a lot from beginning to end. I think that he treasures life more now because he saw some of his friends out there die in battle.

He also realizes how he really feels about his family and how he actually loves them and cares for them more now than he knew before. Socially – At first, Archie seemed like a pretty shy guy and kind of stayed off to himself. Now at the end, he has many friends in the army and is popular amongst all of the guys. He now isn’t too shy and is able to talk and have conversations with people. 4. Archie Perry seems Like a pretty cool guy. He doesn’t seem to be big headed or talk down on anyone, Just a friendly guy. From what I have read, I would try to make friends with him.

I believe that he is a genuine person. He seems to care about all of his squad members, friends, and family. It seems as If he would take a bullet for someone but also watches his own back and cares about his life which is good. He in Vietnam and he is always looking out for his brother, Kenny. Archie Just really seems like a good person and someone you would want to fight next to in a war. He would have your back. 5. I thought that the title didn’t really make sense with the book itself. Yes, people died (fell) but they weren’t really angels. This didn’t really seem like the best bunch of people.

I did think that the title was clever though. I think a better title might be Fallen Soldiers. When I first read the title Fallen Angels, I didn’t really think it was a book about war. If it was soldiers, then I think the book would get more attention. Fallen angles made me think that it was more of a girl book. If it was Fallen Soldiers, then it would be thought of to have some blood and gore in it. With the word angels in it, I thought it might be about cats or something that died. But now I know it’s true when they say, “Don’t Judge a book by its cover. ” 6.

I think it was effective. I liked it how they made him know he was going back to the world. If I changed it, I would have Peewee die. I think Archie would learn more from that. Then have someone else from another unit on the plane next to Archie so they could talk about their different experiences from the war. Then they became friends and hung out back in the U. S. Then the title would seem to make sense because Archie would always have Peewee looking over him as his angel. Yes it would make it a sad ending but then it would be happy once Archie realizes Peewee is his angel. Anyone who is into war and the army is who I would recommend this to. My one friend Henry Cochran would be the person I would recommend it to. His father was in Vietnam so I’m sure he would want to read all about it. He also wants to go into the military so if he had to read something, I’m sure he would want it to be something like this. That is if he likes to read. I am sure that he would enjoy this book though, if he sat down and actually put some time into it. I don’t like reading but I have actually found some books that I have enjoyed.