The media and reality of parenting Final draft Charlie’s Malone 2/2/2014 Wow, I never thought parenting would be as tough as it is. Don’t get me wrong it’s also the best part of my life. There are plenty of up’s and downs as well as gains that comes with parenting. This is my take on parenting while everyone has there on take and views on parenting, These are Just a few of my own, The media expectation on parenting, and some of my own reality of being a parent to total different worlds. The potty training stage, Research studies shows that potty training is the first ajar milestone for parents and children.

Not my favorite at all, But determination will be very rewarding In the end. Experts say, “Take your time but parent’s and future parents when do we have the time? So I found a way that worked for me and that my kids found to be very fun and exciting. We called it sink the co’s a silly potty game. The object of the game was to point and sink, it might sound silly but it really works, well for me it did but parents every child Is different and develops at their own rate. Also make sure that the child Is ready to start this stage Is he or she Interested n the potty.

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Potty training is a very interesting milestone, take your time and enjoy your baby while they are still a baby. Public behavior, this Is a dreaded topic among many. Many surveys’ states parents feel disadvantaged when In public. When children are whaling, complaining and demanding. Weather shopping, eating out or traveling, we have all witnessed or experience this problem once in a life. I myself experienced this several of times. I read not long ago that some doctors say that the children r just expressing them self and that the parent should let them.

Now let’s be real people screaming children in public no way. Here are a few things that I have tried, finding a friend that will help, someone that can sit with the kid/kids while u does your running. Another is if there is school aged kids/kid while they are school do all your runs than. Last but not least my favored learn to say No” It will b e hard at first but it works. To resolve this problem quickly, parents must find a solution and commit to a plan that work for them and stick with it.

In my own personal experience I learned to say no that works or me but at the end of a good time out I will reward them for their good behavior. Rewarding good behavior shows kids that there are thing that they must work for everything Is not given. My new reality, nothing would ever be the same . FYI Parents always except the unexpected prepare yourself . Parenting is a 24/7 job. You’re always on the clock ‘OFF took hold on saying that in the beginning it is very tough specially with your first child, but in the end its very rewarding. We live and learn in the end you’ll be a pro.

With my first child I did not know what to do everything was new to me I did not think I would be able to cope but I made it and learned a lot on the way. One thing I learned by time I had my second child was that I did not have to pack the whole nursery when I left the house. Baby two it was Just what I needed diaper bottle change of clothes couple of bibs and food . First baby where do I start 10 outfits,4 bottles, gallon of water 2 cans of formula, case of diapers and wipe a pack and play and much more crazy. But I learned that was one of those types of experiences that e all will have.

So when you’re reading the mother’s magazine and u see a diaper bag check list take heave to it will really help u get out on time without having to pack everything like I did. Do what u see is fit for you and your family you don’t have to take my word for it. We as parents will all have our own experiences in life with kids it’s all about what you make it. Try this next time you get around a friend or your own parent ask them what was there experience like with raising kid/kids. What was the most dreadful thing and what was the easiest thing that they came across.

Do your research plan ahead really educate yourself on the topic, even thought in my own experience the media has not always been true to me it’s might be different for u. So with that being said listen read and learn. In the end it’s your final decision on what right and what wrong when it comes to raising your child. Being a mother has truly changed my life having to grow up and except responsibility of being a parent has been wonderful. And let’s face it no one is a pro over night, and I can admit that I learn something new every day.

Like I stated earlier audience will take us really fare Eve made it seven year and if I can do it, anyone can. There will be a lot of things that we as parents will have to change to be the role models that are children and their peers need. Because they are the future and their choices and actions start with us the way we shape their minds. So let’s be the best parents that we can be and that does not mean that u have to be rich and famous ,it’s Just that u have to love and care for someone other than yourself . Don’t let the media take hold of you Just because it works for that person does not mean he same for you.

Just because that child reads chapter book at five months does not mean that you have to because everyone is different. That’s what I mean when I say that I do not agree on all that the media says. I was once that new parent that let the media take hold on my reality comparing my baby to what the TV say they should be doing, into I realized that I’m the one that have to raise this child in the end and that my baby was Just perfect in his own way and that he will develop at his own rate an there was nothing the media our myself could do to change it.

Parenting has changed a lot in my life but I would not give it up for nothing in the world. Someone asked me before if I had the power to change the past would I reconsider having kids, my answer No not at all if I could do it all over again that I would and I would do everything the same way. I love my children so much they are my world. In conclusion don’t let the media are anyone else tell u how to raise your own children. Not even my take because we are all different this was Just a few different things that my advice . With that being said good luck on you Journey.