We have all been there. No one is immune from a broken heart. At some time in our lives someone hurts us, or we hurt them, and we feel like rolling into a little ball on the floor in a heap of tears. The good news is the heart does heal. And we can find the courage to love again. In the first place, why do we end up in tears when we love? Why do we end up getting hurt when all we do is to care for them and nothing else? Too much expectations? Loving them too much? Caring too much? Sacrificing too much?

Now that’s the problem: the words “too much”. Remember that when you start to feel something for another person, know your limits. Do not love “too much” because you’ll Just end up getting hurt “too much”. There is no need to rush things. Think of life as like eating food. First is the appetizer. In life, the appetizer is where we are now: like studying, enjoying our youth days wherein we are prepared for the main dish – our main goal in life which is to succeed. Our life already starts after we graduate. Treat your love life as the side dish.

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Some find it unnecessary, some say it is needed, but some say either of the two. Whenever we eat, we always focus on the main dish because it is the very gist of the dinner. Just like in life, we should focus more on striving to achieve our goals in life. Don’t be very affected If someone dumped you or you were dumped by someone. Instead use them as your Inspiration to prove yourselves to them and who knows, they might return to you begging on their knees. Nothing good will happen If we keep looking back and grieve about the past.

Love is Just around the corner but a true love Is a million miles away. It’s too early for that. If they enter your life, Just let them In but don’t guarantee that they won’t hurt you because to love also means to get hurt. If someone leaves, let them be. If you are meant for each other, It doesn’t mean you have to be together right now… But you will eventually. Just Like what Albert Schweitzer said, “Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments,