Now and days we evaluate people in many different ways. We look at someone and evaluate them by what they possess, how they sound, how they act. Our minds evaluate them on how they even speak. People that speak the same or even look the same from the outside seen to be more attracted to one another. Sometimes, our evaluating comes from their demeanor. Naturally, a person would be more interested in a person who is quiet and reserved verses someone who is loud and over baring. However, we will evaluate them more and begin to form our own opinions about people once we talk to them.

We learn about them from the inside out, we learn about their Likes and dislikes, beliefs, their culture, and many different other things. These types of evaluations that we use on people plays a role in our expectations by us deciding whether or not they meet the expectations we set for them which I believe this to also fall in line with stereotyping. Stereotypes says that we “should” see certain people in a way whish in actuality is Just misguided Judgment on our behalf. Someone wearing an expensive suit, we expect him/her to have a very lavish epistyle, Just because the way that this person look.

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However, going off of expectations alone isn’t a bright idea. People are more than what they wear, what they look like, where they work, and how they speak. Our expectation can put us at a disadvantage. Judging a book by its cover without even looking on the inside leaves us very misguided about that book. In other words judging someone by their outer appearance or whatever kind of standard you have set, you will find yourself misjudging this person Our expectations keeps our mind soused on what we want to see from someone and not who they are.

Expectations keeps us from exploring not only people but other cultures and diversities. Expectations keeps your mind from the truth about a person, your own personal beliefs formed from evaluations embody a lie, however getting to know that person would show who this person Is and we will learn how to set that aside and not be so quick to Judge from the outside In.