Eulogy Frank the greatest men who ever lived. As we gather at this sad moment to celebrate the lost of our beloved brother, friend and for some a hero. To me he was both a brother and a hero I look up to. Someone who I believe taught me to be a man am today. Without him I’m not sure what path of life I would’ve taken. The words still run through my mind even now. “Brow be who you want to be, and Just do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks” Frank used to always say that to me. I believe he said those words to himself all the time too. And that’s what made choose the Army.

Mum wasn’t so sure about him going to the army. But I have to say Frank chose what made him happy and we were proud of him. Have to say for the last 3 days It been tough for our family. Not a second goes by without talking of him. HIS warm smile he always had even when I annoyed him. The wonderful sense of humor, we won ;t have those times when we’re traveling and you Just make us all laugh. The wrestling and fighting we used to do on the back lawn I surely miss all those moments. The letter I received last week, saying how you were going to be coming home for you birthday in a 2 weeks.

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It put a smile on all our faces. We were looking forward to seeing you home and celebrating you 22nd birthday. But I guess God had another plan for you. Our family was a family of love. I hope that I was a brother who always showed you love. Right now I look back. And I start to wish if I had spent more time with you. Just wish that last camp we went lasted forever. The first night you kept me up all night, telling me you amazing stories in Frank my beloved. I wish I had said goodbye. But I guess God saw that you have a good fight and succeeded. And it was time to rest.