There is no reason why I should be getting pulled over right now. I am a straight A student and I have a 4. 0 GAP, was first in my class and made a whole one hundred thousand dollars for cancer, while I was also working on a project for starving children in Africa. I am a good person because of all of this. I am a good student, worked hard for good causes, and this is the thanks I get from society. I get pulled over for going a little over the speed limit.

Anyway, I was ringing my little brother to his appointment, for his medical visit. He Is very sick, and I was trying to get him to the hospital. I Just was at home finishing my studying for Spanish, and then all of the sudden, my little brother started breathing heavily, and so I looked for his Inhaler, and It was no where to be found, so I was so panicked, that I got him and myself In the car and on the road to the hospital. I was merely concerned for my brothers well being that I was speeding down this road.

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Now If something Is wrong with him, then he will surely be In trouble because me stopping ere to talk to you is wasting more precious time. It does not make sense therefore officer, for you to have to stop me. It is obvious that you stopping us is doing more harm then help. I am trying to do a good thing and get my little brother help, and there you stand, pulling us over for what you think is a good reason, the fact that I was speeding, but in this case, it is logical that you should let me go so that I can actually do something productive which is to help my little brother here get the help that he needs to get better.

This is ridiculous. In this current situation I need to be on the road, and in these circumstances I need to be let go. I should not even be talking to you right now because I am wasting time. So, officer I will be on my way now, because this is all not helping the situation at hand. I don’t think that you will feel good one day knowing that you could have helped my brother and only made the situation worse by making my have this whole conversation with you and wasting all the time and effort that could have been spent helping instead of making this situation worse.