Stacy struggled to hurriedly pick up all her books and catch up to the girl who she wants to be most. Grace was stomping away In fury, as Stacy desperately tried to understand what she did wrong once again. Grace was the girl In school that everyone feared yet idealized, abhorred yet looked up to and especially envied. Stacy was her partner-in-crime, yet partner is too much of an equalizing term. She is the one to have the great privilege of being accepted by Grace, yet ironically she envied her most.

She attempted to emulate her everything in every chance she got thinking hat Is how she will gain her favor. What Stacy did not realize, Is that without her, Grace could not hold the power that she had tightly gripped over the school. Stacy belabored to attempt to make her “friend” happy but Grace seemed Insatiable. She seemed to give Grace an encomium with every little thing that she did. It seemed to her that no matter what she did she would receive carping. Despite all to everyone else they seemed coherent and inseparable. Do everything wrong Stacy! ” Grace exclaimed. L told you that I wanted you to get turquoise and lavender boons to decorate the gym for the school dance, these are totally the wrong colors! ” she explained vigorously. Grace was so dramatic and agitated about this minor detail that neither she nor Stacy realized how unreasonable it was. All Stacy was worried about was the she once again disappointed her best friend. In reality, Grace was not really worried about that minor occurrence; she really was only worked up over what had been going on in her house the night before, and what has been going on for years.

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Her parents have been non-stop bickering for years, barely paying attention to Grace and how beaten down she felt because of their behavior. Grace had what everyone thought was the perfect life, she was rich. And had what seemed like a loving family. Grace’s family also made largesse donations to the school, which made students accuse the teachers and the school staff of treating her as superior to the other students. So Grace continued to take out her distress on poor Stacy. Stacy attempted to defend herself but her argument was not tenable to Grace, who was being intransigent.

Grace continued storming away In her not so germane and overly extravagant outfit for school and Stacy helplessly followed her. On her way Grace arrogated a pen belonging to a girl that was sitting and silently reading her book. She almost protested, but decided to eschew confrontation with Grace once she saw the fury in her eyes. People did naturally become taciturn when confronted with her. Grace gave the girl what looked like a reconnaissance as she scanned her outfit, like she usually did to everyone.

When Grace kept walking the girl Just watched her walk way with an Invidious expression, and then continued reading her book. The next morning Stacy woke up feeling down, not looking forward to seeing Grace’s angry and annoyed face once again. “Is this how friendship is? ” she questioned, it was not the first time she asked herself this of course. She understood that this behavior was becoming banal. She always realized that this occurrence happened way too often, but only recently did she decide that she had to do something about it, that she had to stand up for herself eventually.

Stacy was not bout were probably her taking her anger out on her for something bigger what was going on. That morning she finally made the decision to confront grace, but she was terrified. She had no idea what to say, and she didn’t know how Grace would react. She knew she had to do this and soon, but she could not help but tempore. In school she attempted to avoid Grace as much as possible, not knowing when was the right time. Grace noticed this, and finally finding Stacy she asked “Is there a reason you’re avoiding me today? ” her tone was surprisingly not angry, it was almost a bit offended.

Stacy staggered, “l needed to talk to you about something… ‘ Just didn’t know how to begin… ” She said with a shaky tone but realized this and attempted to congeal her expression. “Talk to me” Grace said in a surprisingly considerate tone. Once Stacy finished explaining, and talking to Grace, Grace was in tears. Stacy was able to substantiate that Grace was maltreating her, and astonishingly to Stacy, Grace was in complete agreement, and told her why she always behaved the way she did. Their talk became the turning point of their friendship.