Mrs.. Horror underlying Affection Kidnapped, snatched, abducted. Call It what you want either way It all means the same thing, stolen. Gamma a 16 year old Britain teenager was flying with her parents to Vietnam when she it happened. TTY her captor drugged and kidnapped her from the airport and he took her into the wild, isolated landscape of Australia. Now with no escape she has to learn to live with him or die in the sandy dessert.

Now TTY has of only one purpose on to why he has taken Gamma and it is not what people may think it would be. It is the simplicity of wanting company, the simplicity of wanting another individual to share all the amazing things he has seen in the wild. In the book Stolen by Lucy Christopher, the author portrays a humans misguided sense of first impression without knowing the full clarity of a situation. Upon seeing TTY at the airport Gamma was very attracted to TTY. Although he was a stranger she thought she could easily trust him.

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They were both In a cafe buying a cup of coffee when they met. She had run out of money and TTY stepped In to pay for her. But that wasn’t when Gamma noticed him. Gamma noticed him right upon walking in, but of course Taws all ready staring at Gamma, saw me before I saw you. In the airport, that day in August, you had that look in your eyes, as though you wanted something from me, as though you’d wanted it for a long time” (Christopher 1). At first Gamma thought TTY watching her was a innocent glance or even a way of checking her out.

This event is the beginning of a very explicit story. At the moment upon seeing him she was not at all afraid. He was handsome and fit an easy way of masking what people would think of as a mentally ill person for his upcoming actions. When they finally made eye contact was when TTY actually looked uncomfortable and away from her gaze, Mimi blinked quickly when I looked at you, and turned away, as If you were nervous… As If you felt guilty for checking out some random girl in an airport. But I wasn’t random, was l? Noun, but I always thought I could trust blue eyes. I thought they were somehow safe” (Christopher 1 These letters she is writing to TTY is after all that has happened. She is having to relive all the moments and now is analyzing them. It was not until later on with what she augured out from him that she noticed the way he stared at her as if she was a long lost friend of such. TV’s appearance had thrown her off, being attracted to him had made her feel in a way comfortable. In the beginning of the days TTY had kidnapped Gamma, she seen him as a purely wicked.

Gamma had no understanding of why TTY did what he had done of abducting her but she also TLD care to listen until her loneliness took over and figured she would Indeed have to bond with him. It was not until they actually began making conversation that Gamma figure out how she got the wrong Impression of TTY, “Until hat moment, you were just the kidnapper. You didn’t have reasons for anything. You started changing” (Christopher 87). At this point Gamma began to understand TTY and his actions. Instead of seeing him as a threat, she began to see him as he truly was a misguided soul.

Soon after being with TTY in the wild she had gotten bitten by a poisonous snake and had to be taken back to civilization to be treated. That is when TTY turned himself in, no matter how much he loved and wanted Gamma he knew he rather see her happy and alive than dead. After much interrogation by the police to Gamma she began to form her actual own thoughts on how she Belton behalf of what happened. In Gammas she didn’t see him as a bad person she began to interpret what he had done, “A part of me understood why you’d done it, too.

And it’s hard to hate someone once you understand them” (Christopher 279). Gamma understood that TTY never meant to hurt her. Instead he wanted to show her life outside the big city, he wanted to show her more of reality by opening her eyes to the wild magnificent place of Australia and all that nature has to offer. Gamma knew then that all TTY wanted to do was save her from herself, he wanted her to be with him and love tauter as much as he did because at one point she saved him although she never knew that until further analyzing.

Although what TTY had done was terrible, Gamma knew he did it for a good reason. Gamma could never and will never hate TTY for what he had done, she knew by the end of the book that all TTY had done was open her eyes to his life and his thoughts. In a way she found it beautiful, she is not scared of him anymore. Only she figured out that TTY was not what he seemed to be from the beginning to the end of their relationship. Now the real question is if TTY really is entirely evil for his actions or is he simply misunderstood.