Government I am here I am strong Im a citizen I am human I protect people I keep them safe They are kept from books Yet it is for the better I am a good citizen Society I am weak Government is good I am confused I need help My society is ruined and crumbling Its for the better It ruined my life They all say, however I don’t believe It It’s crooks who steal for the good of the people I watched an Innocent life die She was scared and needed me I didn’t want to see I watched her little life die I watched her lungs give one last sigh

The government Is a lie Millions of houses They Just burnt my house My child died Do you see what this society has done to me? Done to me? I saw the child, as she said her last goodbye She looked at me pleading for help As the roof fell and she gave her last yelp Her life life dying away Looking at the mom Looking for something to say Do you see what this society has As the roof fell she gave her last yelp Her body lay I stood, watching, planning They couldn’t get away with this, not again First my soul mate Now this final act of hate? I arrived once again to late Thought tackle my mind

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Not sure what to do She had Just watched her daughter die I couldn’t lie Pure proof, material and real Awful The government is horrible Full of people Fake people, robot like Im a horrible person What kind of role model am I? My life is a lie Im everything he see’s My mind screams My hate embodies me Not believing what I have Just seen As I watch her burn Her face crumbling, falling apart Waiting for it all to stop I wanted revenge, he needs to learn A horrible person needs to go too horrible place A person with no heart My eyes dart She moved towards me Furious I ran, using all my anger

Stop! He looked at me without a thought in mind I cared, I really did, I was going to fight for her My mind screamed as I watch my child burn! The mother ran to me Mad I pulled my gun I ran furious at what he had done Millions of thoughts go through my mind My daughters, my son, my wife Don’t do It Don’t do it Im not going to die today! Not my kids, my love, I can’t leave them I looked at her a pleaded, no words came out He looked at me carelessly Please, don’t make me kill you To many have died Don’t make me do this He backed me into a corner No where to run, no where to hide

Wishing my daughter where by my side First her, now me How messed up can you be? A tear fell from my eye as I lifted the gun But Just then something happened A tear from my eye as I lifted the gun Fire: Oh no! Everywhere It burned every limb! I am a citizen Burning every part All alone My widowed wife My beautiful life Oh yes! Fire began Below him, around him, consuming him My daughter avenged His selfish life A little girl who would never grow to be old A life that was sold Two bodies burned at 451 degrees One I longed to see, and one caused me to walk away with glee.