Greatest President, I would like to start off by saying how thankful I am for everything. I have always felt safe and secure under your name, and have done and will continue to do anything that is requested. Even in things that come with great danger, I am willing to fearlessly risk my life for you. I was once on my own exploring the strange country of Okapi. When I first ran Into the people here, I will be honest In saying that I was a little worried. They dress strangely In ostrich feathers and animal furs, and speak no English.

However, seeing that I was a guest needing help, they were very warm and welcoming. They offered me food, water, shelter, and most Importantly, friendship. They are very kind people and very helpful. I am writing to you, my beloved president, with a request. I know it may seem strange, but would like to recommend welcoming the high chancellor. He is a very kind man that took marvelous care of one of your own during a time of need. I know how great of a man you are and how important friendship is to you.

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I would not ask of this if I id not think it would benefit everybody involved. With much respect and gratitude, (name), 2014 In my letter, I used a very flattering yet humble tone. I was trying to flatter the President into accepting the request. By using the terms such as “greatest” and “beloved”, I hope that the President will feel some sort of respect. I also used a little bit of guilt. For example, when I said, “l know how great of a man you are and how important friendship is to you. ” As far as rhetorical strategies, I used Formal Language and appeal to emotion and logic.