Have you ever wondered if you could create a device that could save an egg when thrown off of a roof? I have figured out a device that could save the egg. The egg will be thrown off an approximate height of 18. 5 Ft. Tall. I believe that my egg safe device will work. Using my appliance my egg will not break or crack because of the strong and durable structure. I have used many things building my egg safe project. I have used, a large grade AAA egg, many plastic Sandwich bags.

I also used one cereal box, a to of rubber bands, some cut up skewers, a rope, and two tiny washers. Vive also used two large boxes, a pillow, a lot of material, and a handful of small rocks. I have used these materials very wisely using them in the precise area to keep. Using these I will make a device that my egg will not break inside of it. First, I made a grid by using the rubber bands, I then hot glued the cut up skewers on the outside of the box. I then got my second box and tied a rope through it and used the washers to hold it there.

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I then put the rocks as a weight on the bottom of the cereal box, then I padded the boxes with the fabric in the spaces. I then put the third box on the outside of the other two, I then put more fabric around it, next I put the egg in a sock and wrapped It In a plastic bag and more and more around It, last I put it on the inside of the grid. Those are the specific steps I used when creating my peculiar device. My class made predictions about weather their egg would break or not, below is the data for my class. Served the way my egg landed In many ways, my project was basically dropped due to the weight. It was dropped about 12. 8 feet high. My project landed pretty fast, Mr.. Lewis the school principal threw my project. My project landed first on Its bottom but then It somewhat bounced and lastly landed on Its side. My egg did not break In my device. It worked because of the configuration of Its softness. I was right about my hypothesis. My egg had not braked nor cracked. My egg was safe due to my creative egg-safe appliance.