In this essay by Patrimonies, “Edgy First College Assignment: Study of the Koran”, it Is all about the conflict it had on the campus of University of North Carolina. It had so much effect on some of the students that it led to some of them withdrawing from the school. There are others, however, that believe it is a good addition to the school. They are not forcing the students to take this religion as their own, they are simply teaching them about different people’s belief’s.

It Is hard to say which side Is the correct side because they both have legitimate arguments. John Sanders, a member of the John Locke Foundation, because he does not believe that It Is something we should be required to take. In the story he said, “We are at war, after all. We do need to understand them, yes, but It’s not the best thing to cram down peoples throats right now”. This Is a very true statement. Personally, I don’t think we should be forced to take the class at school.

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If It was meeting that I was interested In then I would take It. I Just do not see the point In It being a necessary class. Yes, we are at war with them, but most Americans do not care that much for Muslims and would probably not like being forced to learn about them. I got the chance to ask three of my friends on what they thought about the topic. Kyle Kilgore, said “l have chosen my religion and would like to stick with it. It should be a choice we get to make. ” One of my old classmates, Bob Miller, had the same feelings. Have grown up a Baptist community, and would like to keep it that way. I am not fond of Muslims and do not want to learn about them. ” The last person I asked was Todd Huff. He had a little different point of view. “Personally, it doesn’t really bother me, but there are other people that would be offended if they were forced to read about it. ” It seems like the majority of teens do not believe we should be forced to learn about new religions. This is something that will do more bad than good most likely.