Some people know exactly what their dream Job is, while others are still trying to figure out what they should do with their lives. Unlocking your passion, personality, and aptitude is the biggest secret in helping you discover your dream Job, as well as in getting it and keeping it. For me, a dream Job does not mean a Job with lots of money or status. It’s a Job that allows you to fulfill your dreams – whatever they are ” and do what is most meaningful and fun for you.

My personal dream Job is to work in a bank. I am still not sure what kind of Job I would like to do there, but probably something about accounting or dealing with mortgages. I really like math, so this is the main point why I would like to work there. Working with different people, different companies, is my passion, because I am really flexible person, and I am always happy to help someone. So I think I could work with loans or mortgages.

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I think that I could easily work with all the documentation which is needed when you want to borrow money from the bank. Usually in every city is huge variety of different banks, so everything depends on you. You can try to find a place in a bank closer to your home or where ever you want to. I prefer to work in the city centre, because it is always good connection between city centre and different areas of the town. It is always easy to get a bus which goes to city centre.