Onto get me started on buses so, why don’t get me started on buses? Well don’t you feel like you spend more time actually waiting for the bus than you do on it? And when your finally on, Its not enjoyable or welcoming? Exactly, its a money wasting pointless part of society. When you are early, the bus Is late. You rush to the stop, puffing Like a steam train, then find yourself waiting for half an hour In the winter cold, as your nose gradually become a large red balloon and Icicles hang from your ears.

At last a rusty old dinosaur with your number on the front lumbers Into view and pulls up at the stop In response to your frantic waving. You drag your frozen limbs on board and pay your fare, fumbling the Icy coins at the driver drums his fingers on the wheel and sighs In annoyance at your pathetic slowness. The when you think things couldn’t get any worse you are then ripped of with an adult fare when your only 15.

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As soon as the ticket is dispensed, before you can so much as grab a pole to steady yourself, the bus arches forward with a roar, sending your bag bowling along the gangway, as you crash headlong into an elderly lady’s lap, knocking out half your teeth on her shopping trolley. You are now finally on the bus, hoping that you can sit back and enjoy the scenic views of the journey.. Oh no sorry that’s not possible, you have to wonder around all the seat to find a clean and hygienic, chewing gum free zone, where you not reluctant to at least perch for a 5 minute Journey.