The weather was hot and everyone was lining up at the crowded food- stalls to buy some food. The pupils were starved after hours of lessons. The sight and smell of piping hot food in he canteen made their mouths water. It also made their stomachs growl with hunger. Nora was lining up in a long queue at a food-stall when she saw one of her schoolmates, Liming, in the same queue in front of her. Although it was his turn to order, Nora notice that he had suddenly turned around and left the IEEE.

He walked away empty-handed. Nora was suspicious. This made her curious. She needed to talk to Liming to find out what was wrong. Nora left the queue and followed Liming. She asked him why he did not order his food when it came to his turn. Liming told her that he did not have enough pocket money for the day to buy a plate of rice. Nora nodded her head and immediately took out her purse to hand some money over to Liming. “There, now you’ll have enough none for lunch as well,” she exclaimed excitedly. What about yourself, Nora ? Now you don’t have enough money to buy yourself food,” Liming said In a concerned manner. Nora smiled. She told him not to worry about her. She was not that hungry anyway. Liming was touched by what Nora had done for him. He thanked her deeply for her help. Nora went home that day and told her parents what she had done. Her parents were proud of her. They told her she had done a very good deed and that she had a heart of gold.

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